20 Funny Parenting Tweets That Will Stress You Out

Parenting is a wonderful experience that you should be proud of. Becoming a parent causes you to have emotions, including pleasure, excitement, anxiety, concern, joy, fear, excitement, and delight. Despite the fact that you have to face a lot of ups and downs, this magnificent journey is one to thoroughly appreciate each priceless moment. In particular, adorable kids never fail to surprise you and crack you up. Here are some funny parenting tweets to prove it.
We have compiled a list of 20 funny parenting tweets that totally sum up the hassles of parenting. And you definitely find them relatable. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourself right now. Don't forget to upvote your favorite posts. If you have any amusing experiences during your parenthood, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments.
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#1. Daddy and Dinosaurs!! The two best things in the world

Source: ElyKreimendahl

#2. Wow, Los Angeles is weird

Source: chelsea_davison

#3. Yup

Source: UpsideDad

#4. Her kid is so jealous

Source: IDontSpeakWhine

#5. Now you have to learn her to clean and cook

Source: ElyKreimendahl

#6. Humans are the most dangerous game

Source: XplodingUnicorn

#7. At least he didn’t P on them

Source: bekindofwitty

#8. Time to return the kids

Source: RateMySalad

#9. Hard pass

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: HomeWithPeanut

#10. Legos are fun at any age!

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: daddygofish

#11. She's got a point there

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: XplodingUnicorn

#12. She knows

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: KatieDeal99

#13. Such insight!

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: SnarkyMommy78

#14. LoL

Source: Dad_At_Law

#15. Good luck

Source: sweetmomissa

#16. Hmm

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: Dad_At_Law

#17. So is your house for that matter

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: jakery

#18. Wait till she finds it and hides it

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: reallifemommy3

#19. Love that

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: mommajessiec

#20. "Why are you laughing?"

Funny Parenting TweetsSource: sarcasticmommy4

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