22 Hilarious Tweets About Some Of Our Favorite Movies In The 2000s

Only on the screen, where everything in the making of a movie was done, can we observe the characters' intrigue, coolness, or attraction. You either don't get the chance to or don't care to learn about how actors and actresses operate behind the scenes. But you'll laugh out loud or gape at the funny posts from some of the audiences.
Take, for example, stereotypes as portrayed in media. American films and television appear to raise the most concerns about stereotyping for Twitter users, especially the ones in the 2000s. Do Americans actually brew their morning milk straight from the carton? Do they all sleep with a thousand pillows? Most of these questions have a yes and a no response. From where we are sitting in the wonderful United States of America, these tweets poke fun at other representations of Americans and are actually very freaking amusing.
And they’re not just discussing that topic in particular, these tweets make jokes about pretty much anything that happens in the films, movie details, plot holes, and more.
Here are 22 hilarious Tweets about some of our favorite movies!

#1 Who Did It Better?

Source: @TheCinegogue

#2 Dream Come True

Source: @ProZD

#3 We All Need Edna Sometimes

Source: @laura_vonkampen

#4 What Have YOU Done?

Source: @daniiyells

#5 We Need This Movie

Source: @MNateShyamalan

#6 That Animation

Source: @saladinahmed

#7 Coraline Hit Different

Source: @babylungslucy

#8 She Had It All

Source: @EmilyMcWinter

#9 Math Girls

Source: @anicacihla

#10 Can't Wait

Source: @JackWilliamRtF

#11 Forever Changed

Source: @louis__pisano

#12 Breaking The Laws Of Fiction

Source: @bransonreese

#13 Totally Different Movie

Source: @guymrdth

#14 She Would Never

Source: @elizardd

#15 No More Questions

Source: @madisonbrek

#16 Good Morning

Source: @mostlysharks

#17 You Are Not Jason Bourne

Source: @fowlerism

#18 Troy Could Do Both Though

Source: @real_binkster

#19 Do It

Source: @gldivittorio

#20 Never Disrespect A Nemo Fan

Source: @ItsDanSheehan

#21 Oh No... No

Source: @killbiill

#22 Here We Go Again

Source: @EricThurm

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