19 Best Non-Superhero Movies About Characters With Superpowers

The superhero is a character that audiences of all ages love. Therefore, many superhero movies come to life with various stories to satisfy viewers. However, in this modern life, superhero movies become so saturated. They’re even not the first choice of movie-goers, and also not appreciated by critics.
Therefore, instead of superheroes, some producers with their ultimate creativity, make movies in which their characters are not superheroes yet possess some special powers. They are sheer game-changers and grip huge attention thanks to the striking stories with a dash of imaginary elements. Viewers and critics really highly rate this type of movie as it’s not too far from reality.
In this post, we’ve rounded up the 19 best non-superhero movies about characters with superpowers. From the sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow to science fantasy black comedy Colossal, they will actually float your boat. Scroll down to explore and give them a spin.

#1 Edge of Tomorrow

Best Non-Superhero MoviesSource: Warner Bros

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best sci-fi thrillers. What makes the movie outstanding is that it innovated the overused "reviving-the-same-day" trope. In the movie, Major Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) gains the unique ability to return to the same moment in time each time he dies, which opens up the remote chance of eventually winning the war against the totalitarian alien army that imperils humanity.
Even while the ability to travel across time isn't really novel, it works incredibly well in the story and doesn't offer a straightforward resolution to the film's central problem. Major Bill Cage slowly gathers useful knowledge that could alter the course of the war by again reviving the same day to live longer.

#2 Kung Fu Hustle

Best Non-Superhero Movies, Kung Fu HustleSource: Sony Pictures Classics

Kung Fu Hustle, directed by Stephen Chow and first released in 2004, is a true masterpiece. You can't really ask for more from a film than this: distinct personalities, dance breaks and fights, movie references, and, of course, the innovative and creative tale that drives the picture. This is an excellent introductory film for anyone interested in the kung-fu genre.
In the movie, Sing (Stephen Chow) is a small-time criminal who yearns to join the vicious Axe Gang, which has been extorting and tormenting the citizens of the slum known as Pig Sty Alley, in Shanghai during the 1940s. He is pummeled within an inch of his life, which allows him to use his innate kung fu abilities, which transform him into an invincible force capable of superhuman physical feats. Sing uses his powers to team up with other kung fu experts hiding in Pig Sty Alley, despite his initial desire to join the Axe Gang. Together, they vanquish Brother Sum and the Axe Gang (Danny Chan).

#3 Fast Color

Best Non-Superhero Movies, Fast ColorSource: Lionsgate

Released in 2018, Fast Color centers around Ruth, who possesses a powerful ability from her mother Bo (Lorraine Toussaint). After being away for some time, Ruth returns home to find that her own daughter Lila (Saniyya Sidney) has also acquired the inherited abilities. Ruth's skills are far more potent than those of Bo and Lila, who can telekinetically separate and reassemble the parts of items. She also struggles at first to control them, which causes earthquake-causing seizures in the neighborhood. Ruth learns to suppress her gifts to save Bo and Lila when government scientists want to explore their powers.

#4 Scanners

Best Non-Superhero Movies, ScannersSource: AVCO Embassy Pictures

"Scanners" is a horror film that was done with enough craft and talent to be really good if it could have found a way to make us care about it. The plot of the film revolves around a breed of men and women known as "scanners," who can pick up on other people's thoughts, enter their brains, and mentally duel with them with a such horrifying ferocity that their opponents' heads may physically explode. An intriguing film could have been made about the human plight of these mind-readers (imagine being able to eavesdrop on the thoughts of every miserable straphanger on the way to work on the subway). However, "Scanners" does not delve extensively into the human ramifications.

#5 Colossal

Best Non-Superhero Movies, ColossalSource: Neon

Colossal was released in 2016 with the attractive story about Gloria (Anne Hathaway). She is an alcoholic unemployed writer who returns to her hometown after a tough breakup. Gloria discovers she has the strange power to create a gigantic lizard-like kaiju in South Korea while standing in her hometown's playground as a result of events following a childhood experience. She avoids manifesting her kaiju due to the destructive nature of the power until former classmate Oscar (Jason Sudeikis) realizes he has a similar talent. When Oscar unleashes his robot kaiju on South Korean residents, Gloria utilizes her talents to protect them.

#6 Phenomenon

Best Non-Superhero Movies, PhenomenonSource: Buena Vista Pictures

In this 1996 hit, George Malley (John Travolta) is a nice small-town auto technician who has an unremarkable existence. On his 37th birthday, George is struck by a ball of white light that he witnesses soaring through the night sky, and he begins to gain extraordinary intelligence and telepathic powers. George employs his newfound abilities to benefit his little community in a variety of ways. He employs his superior intelligence to create cutting-edge fertilizer, swiftly learns languages for translation, and even anticipates earthquakes with his mind.

#7 Thelma

Best Non-Superhero Movies, LimitlessSource: The Orchard

Released in 2017, Thelma presents an innovative take on issues like religious oppression and sexuality, following a young girl having to deal with frightening new skills and a burning desire for a girl she befriends. Thelma's powers are intimately linked to her surroundings and emotions, functioning almost as a mirror of all the suppressed sentiments she had for years under the harsh control of her family. Eventually, things begin to spin out of control, and the movie uses suspense and subtle symbolism to push the protagonists past their breaking point.

#8 Limitless

Best Non-Superhero Movies, LimitlessSource: Relativity Media

The 2011 American science-fiction thriller film directed by Neil Burger has had a cult following. In the movie, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a failing New York City author who lacks the passion and ambition to succeed. Eddie is given an experimental medicine called NZT-48, which allows him to access the full power of his brain. His life has significantly improved in practically every manner since his IQ has soared to superhuman levels. He initially utilizes the medication to achieve his writing goals and to mend a broken relationship, but he soon moves on to bigger aims. He becomes wealthy and successful in the stock market, allowing him to run for office as a United States Senator.

#9 The Dead Zone

Best Non-Superhero Movies, The Dead ZoneSource: Paramount Pictures

In The Dead Zone, Schoolteacher Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken), who sustains injuries in a vehicle accident, enters a five-year coma. After emerging from the coma, he gains new psychic skills that allow him to learn aspects of someone's life by making physical touch with them. Johnny uses his abilities to stop a young child he is tutoring from drowning and to investigate a string of mysterious killings. He gives his life in an attempt to assassinate learning that a candidate for the Senate will eventually become a despotic president of the United States.

#10 Midnight Special

Midnight SpecialSource: Warner Bros

Midnight Special is a movie about fatherhood and religion with captivating, enigmatic sci-fi aspects that will stay with viewers for a very long time. In the movie, 8-year-old Alton (Jaeden Martell), a member of a religious cult in rural Texas, has been reared by Pastor Calvin Meyer (Sam Shepard). Alton is capable of telepathic feats like knocking a satellite out of the sky and the knowledge of things that would otherwise be impossible. After being freed from the cult by his birth parents, Michael Shannon and Kirsten Dunst, Alton utilizes his special abilities to locate a specific spot where he may reveal the existence of an additional world that is built on top of the existing one. With the use of these abilities, Alton can depart from the futuristic society and join the beings of the secret realm.

#11 Carrie

Best Non-Superhero Movies, CarrieSource: United Artists

Carrie may be the classic telekinetic horror film, as well as the best representation of high-school oppression in contrast to strong family values. Based on Stephen King's iconic novel, the film depicts the story of a meek, unhappy girl who becomes involved in a dangerous high-school prank, a tiny act that spirals out of control and unleashes Carrie's powers on everyone who gets in her path.
There isn't a single moment in the last half of the film that isn't legendary as it leads up to gratifying karmic justice. Brian de Palma balances tension and suspense, with the character of Carrie at the core of it all as a scary, uncontrollable danger.

#12 Next

Best Non-Superhero Movies, NextSource: Paramount Pictures

This science fiction action thriller film was released in 2007 and gained huge attention thanks to many eye-catching scenes. Nicolas Cage plays aspiring Las Vegas magician Cris Johnson. Cris has modest precognitive talents; he can predict events two minutes in advance and the effects of his actions on those events. Even though Cris initially only utilizes his abilities for personal benefit, pulling off tricks for his show and winning a modest sum of money in casinos, the government approaches him to assist in thwarting a Russian terrorist assault. By considering every scenario, Cris can decide which course of action will neutralize the threat without putting the lives of innocent people at peril.

#13 Starman

Best Non-Superhero Movies, StarmanSource: Columbia Pictures

After intercepting a message of peace that was sent by the Voyager 2 space probe, "Starman" is an alien life form that comes to Earth. He clones and assumes the physical shape of Scott Hayden, a deceased man when he arrives on Earth (Jeff Bridge).
Seven little silver spheres that carry alien technology that is capable of amazing feats are carried by the extraterrestrial visitor. The spheres can be used for a variety of tasks, such as sending a plea for help to Starman's home planet or making a holographic route map to get to a specific area for pickup. When the extraterrestrial and Jenny (Karen Allen), Hayden's widow, grow close, he also utilizes the spheres to shield her from harm and to treat her injuries.

#14 Matilda

Best Non-Superhero Movies, MatildaSource: Sony Pictures Releasing

Released in 1996, Matilda is an ode to childhood and one of the best-lighthearted movies about kids with special abilities, follows the brilliant Matilda, whose world drastically changes after she discovers she has telekinetic abilities, which ultimately make things even harder with her callous family and her oppressive school principal.
Matilda provides a magical retreat from the difficulties of growing up in a challenging environment. The film is a beautiful coming-of-age story that will appeal to many small children who may feel adrift at times and may find comfort in the notion of magic.

#15 Lucy

Best Non-Superhero Movies, LucySource: Universal Pictures

American student Lucy Miller (Scarlett Johansson), who is studying in Taiwan, feels compelled to bring an experimental synthetic medication to Europe. When a large amount of the medication is injected into Lucy's bloodstream, she gains exceptional powers including telepathy, telekinesis, mental and physical fortitude, and the ability to become painless.
Lucy initially uses her new abilities to escape the kidnappers who forced her into trafficking, but she decides to keep using them to find the rest of the drug supply. She intercepts and injects the remainder after telepathically retrieving its position, completely changing her body into a supercomputer with the power to travel through time. Lucy uses her capacity to visit humanity's oldest ancestor, who is also known as Lucy.

#16 Looper

Best Non-Superhero Movies, LooperSource: TriStar Pictures

The Looper centers around Cid (Pierce Gagnon) - a little child who lives in 2044, a time when time travel is possible. An assassin from the future is attempting to murder Cid before he matures into a killer capable of eliminating all five major criminal bosses and their associates. Throughout the evolution of humanity, several people, including Cid's mother, have evolved exceptional telekinetic talents (Emily Blunt). Cid possesses significantly more powerful powers than Sara or any other human, which he employs destructively in one of the possible futures.
When Sara and Cid are attacked by assassins attempting to eliminate him to prevent future exploits, the small child defends himself. When his mother's safety is threatened, the powerful young child utilizes telekinesis to eliminate the film's enemies.

#17 Psychokinesis

Best Non-Superhero Movies, PsychokinesisSource: Netflix

In this well-known K-Drama, Shin Seok-Heon (Ryu Seung-Ryong) is a pleasant but careless security guard, as well as an absentee parent to his adult daughter, Shin Roo-mi (Shim Eun-Kyung). Seok-Heon gains telekinetic abilities after unintentionally drinking spring water polluted by a fallen meteor. Seok-Heon realizes she is fighting a mob-run construction corporation that wants to demolish her modest chicken restaurant for a development project after reconnecting with Roo-Mi. When the mob's hired thugs abuse the small business owners regularly, Seok-Heon utilizes his powers to fight back.

#18 The Green Mile

Best Non-Superhero Movies, The Green MileSource: Warner Bros.

In The Green Mile, a sensitive man named John, who has the extraordinary ability to heal others by taking their illness into his body, is wrongfully accused of a heinous crime. John is a huge man with a large heart, and while his stature can be intimidating, he wouldn't kill a fly. During his imprisonment on death row, he uses his supernatural abilities to help the prison guards, but no one can prove his innocence, ending in a treasure lost too soon.

#19 Dark City

, Dark CitySource: New Line Cinema

Dark City is an underrated 90s hit about John, a guy with a hazy history who awakens in a weird world without a sun, ruled by bizarre entities with telekinetic skills and intents that threaten the entire human species. As John realizes he has psychokinetic powers, it becomes evident to him that he is humanity's only hope. If he lets his powers get the best of him, John could be a normal superhero, but his goals are to provide mankind with a haven where they will not be abused by beings with superpowers like him. With that, he admits that his presence threatens his utopian idea, but his demeanor leads the people to accept him when John confesses that all he wants is to be reunited with the lady he loves.
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