22 Twitter Posts About 2000s Movies From Fans That Make Some Good Points

The 80s and 90s are seen as the golden time of Hollywood. But the 2000s are second to none with many blockbusters that have had the world falling in love with them. To name a few: Avatar (2009), Iron Man (2008), Fast And Furious (2001 - 2009), and the list goes on. They have graced the silver screen, thrilling audiences with top-notch scenes, and decent stories.
Today, many moviegoers are still having a special love for 2000s movies. They not only purchase products related to them but also wildly share them on social media platforms. Twitter is one of them, where many fans share their points of view about remarkable films released in the 2000s. And it’s incredible that they draw huge attention as well as reactions.
In this post, we’ve curated 22 Twitter posts about 2000s movies from fans that are ultimately impressive. They make some good points about these movies and highly convince the viewers. Scroll down to check them out.

#1 The Difference In Effects

#2 The Range

#3 Oh Mater...

#4 They Just Made The Thumb Work

#5 Oh Nemo

#6 Do Their Joints Hurt?

#7 The Real Villain

#8 It's About Pirates, IDK

#9 Be Easy, Harry

#10 He Just... Knows?

#11 Asking For A Friend

#12 He For Sure Watched It

#13 Champagne Dump

#14 It's All In His Head

#15 Spot On

#16 The Same Movies

#17 Life Isn't Fair

#18 We Need To Know

#19 What Have You Done?

#20 Why Even Go To School, Edward?

#21 Make It Make Sense

#22 Samwise Forever

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