10 Celebrities Whose Disgusting Hygiene Habits Certainly Make You Raise Your Eyebrows

When you think of Hollywood stars, you often associate them with their spotless images, being impeccably groomed and polished at all times. After all, the Entertainment industry tends to put a lot of emphasis on how celebrities present themselves. It turns out that during their day-to-day routines, these celebs live life a little funkier. On our list, we’ve shared a handful of celebs with disgusting hygiene habits who aren’t as clean at home as they appear in public.
Some certainly shock you because their unsavory habits are far more subtle. Who can imagine that Brad Pitt prefers to bathe with wet wipes to use soap or Megan Fox never flushes the toilet? Here are 10 celebrities whose habits make us scratch our heads in confusion.
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#1 Jessica Simpson

Hygiene HabitsSource: East News

Unlike normal people, Jessica Simpson doesn’t like her teeth to be too slippery so she only brushes her teeth 3 times a week. However, she is a fan of mouthwash.

#2 Leonardo DiCaprio

Hygiene HabitsSource: Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

The famous actor shared he rarely showers, just once or twice a week because he wants to save the environment. He also skips deodorant.

#3 Kristen Bell

Hygiene HabitsSource: kristenanniebell

For him, peeing is so time-consuming, so much so, that she often leaves used toilet paper pieces on the toilet seat. The actress posted a video of being caught in the act by her husband, who said this sort of incident happens 4 to 5 times a week.

#4 Cameron Diaz

Source: Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

It is a truth that Cameron Diaz never washes her face. She shared, “I don’t want it to be about what I look like,” she says. “I literally do nothing. I have billions of products that I use twice a month if I’m lucky.”

#5 Uma Thurman

Source: Rob Kim / Getty Images

At the workplace, she wore clothes covered in crusty food a few times. She said, “I pulled a piece of shrimp off her back that I swear was 2 weeks old”.

#6 Matthew McConaughey

Source: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey revealed that he never wears deodorant or cologne. He shared, “The women in my life, including my mother, have all said, ’Hey, your natural smell smells, one, like a man, and, two, smells like you”.

#7 Brad Pitt

Hygiene HabitsSource: Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

Brad Pitt shared with a co-star that he doesn’t have time to shower and goes days without it because of his busy schedule. He’s also ditched deodorant and soap.

#8 Zac Efron

Source: Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Like Brad Pitt, Zac Efron goes days without showering though he is a fitness enthusiast. He also uses baby wipes.

#9 Megan Fox

Hygiene HabitsSource: gilbertflores/Broad Image/East News

Megan Fox has an unpleasant habit: never cleans and leaves her clothes all over the floor when undressing. The actress said she also rarely flushes the toilet, even after her friends complain about it.

#10 Robert Pattinson

Hygiene HabitsSource: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP/East News

The Twilight star rarely washes his hair and has even gone 6 weeks without it. He believes his hair starts to cleanse itself, and that it has one role — to stay on the top of his head.
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