25 Unfortunate 'What I Want vs What I Got' Examples People Have Shared On TikTok

It's a bitter piece of fact that life is harsh and it doesn’t always turn out the way we expect. “What I Want vs What I Got” can be two different things. We all know that but still can't help but raise our expectations, whether it's a new haircut, a new tattoo, or something we blind buy on the Internet just because the ads look amazing. We can't deny that it feels good to imagine all the beautiful scenarios that have very little chance to play out in our real life. Soon after, reality will slap us hard in the face, kill our excitement, and leave us there with disappointments only. Will that stop us from getting deceived next time? The answer is probably NO.
Many people have shared their disappointing “What I Want vs What I Got” moments on TikTok and we've compiled 25 most frustrating yet funny ones just for you!

#1. The cake on the right seems to be more suitable with the thing written on it

Source: bellahartman

#2. That bottom layer went on a diet

Source: mollyhall1121

#3. Monster Inc?

Source: maryellaedmondss

#4. The tree's hungry

Source: _ayotee

#5. Not even close

Source: bucybiyela

#6. Illegal

Source: zenitsewer

#7. This is actually frustrating

Source: enashaolivia

#8. Thank God for coverups

Source: jessicawilliams546

#9. Paw

Source: deideikablamo

#10. It looks like someone's infected leg

Source: gracieschwent20

#11. that's not hulk dude.. that's huk

Source: brenttelevision

#12. That's not Stitch that's Stretch

Source: xo.faatimaa

#13. How even?

Source: theekrimi

#14. Specify it so much more next time!

Source: hiisokasbungeegumm

#15. "I can show you the world... "

Source: courtneydfit

#16. Trying to find a Perfect Spongebob Popsicle!

Source: brenttelevision

#17. Lesson learned don’t believe everything they post on their page

Source: holly105

#18. Even the material is wrong

Source: imunique_doee

#19. Same same but different

Source: naomielliott.22

#20. Ouch

Source: 6ix9ines.daughter

#21. Mmmmm bacon!

Source: morgansimmons25

#22. Wifi

Source: charlee996

#23. That’s not Barney that Bernie

Source: princecakecosplay

#24. Flare pants? More like flappy pants

Source: melaniewilmoth3

#25. What happened, Elmo?

Source: tay.chancey10

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