“Katy Perry Is A Robot, Not A Human”, Fans Pokes Fun at Her Eye Glitch in Las Vegas

As the "Teenage Dream" singer announced 14 more dates for her 2023 Las Vegas concert series, titled Katy Perry: PLAY, she seemingly addressed one viral clip that left fans with questions about her health. Katy Perry eyes during her performance in Las Vegas actually concerned fans. Many think she used her hand to 'press open' her eyelid during Las Vegas performance.

1. Katy Perry worried fans, sparking a fun theory that “she is a robot”

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In the clip shared on Oct. 23 in TikTok, Katy's right eye is seen closing on its own. When she touches her temple, the eye flutters open before closing again once more. The musician, clad in a colorful mini dress fashioned after aluminum soda bottles, appears unfazed as she grabs her microphone and tells the crowd to "make even more noise for my band."
 “She lost the WiFi connection,” said someone else. 
A third user joked: “That baby doll you had as a kid with the eye that kept closing.”
Another fan provided a much more reasonable explanation when they claimed it was Perry’s “eyelash glue getting stuck to her bottom lid”.

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Still, some people couldn’t help but notice the symptom similarities between Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, who experienced “full paralysis” on the right side of his face due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a rare neurological disorder, characterized by a rash that occurs around the ear, face, or mouth and paralysis of the facial nerve. The syndrome is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes chickenpox and shingles.

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As one TikTok user noted: “Conspiracy theorists are gonna have a field day with this one.”
The “Firework” singer has previously spoken about a condition she suffers from dubbed “wonk-eye”. During the 2021 season of American Idol, Perry comforted 16-year-old contestant Caleb Kennedy when he was feeling insecure over his lazy eye, according to Newsweek.
“I have a wonk eye as well, and I used to be worried about it,” she said. “Then a bunch of my fans created a fandom over my wonk-eye. I even have a fandom that calls itself, ‘Katy’s wonk-eye.’”

2. Katy Perry Pokes Fun About Her Eye Glitch in Las Vegas

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