16 People Who Spot The Unusual As Often As They See Their Reflection In the Mirror

Despite being in the middle of nowhere, some people can still find an interesting discovery. Nobody is sure how they accomplish it, but we can be certain that they act as magnets for life's small gems. Additionally, they must be quite lucky since they always have their camera with them when they need it.

#1 “My son was born with an extra finger.”

Source: © aldenb21 / Reddit

#2 “This dumpling made my brain commit pareidolia.”

Source: © franklanpat / Reddit

#3 “Stayed at a hotel where the bathroom vanity makes your pupils square.”

Source: © agahimer / Reddit

#4 “My cat has 3 hearts on his back.”

Source: © I_LIVE_ON_THE_SUN / Reddit

#5 “This sock looks like a French baker.”

Source: © MrCrix / Reddit

#6 “A hummingbird chilled on my phone today.”

Source: © andyman686 / Reddit

#7 “My university sent me a wallet-sized diploma.”

Source: © frankp0013 / Reddit

#8 “My friend, Bobby, is 6’6” and very large, so big objects appear relatively normal-sized to him."

Source: © JacktheMc / Reddit

#9 “Noticed that a cloud behind my girlfriend looked like a thought bubble.”

Source: © Dodoman0 / Reddit

#10 “This building I saw while on vacation is made to look upside down.”

Source: © Bunnystrawbery / Reddit

#11 “The host of this party has a tortilla blanket.”

Source: © sicariusdiem / Reddit

#12 "Some art my sister did with jam”

Source: © prof_Wombat / Reddit

#13 “The amount of hair my daughter had at 2 months old!”

Source: © eyeswideblue / Reddit

#14 “This pumpkin-shaped grape”

Source: © *****ist / Reddit

#15 “The electrical box in front of my house looks like the dark lord Sauron is watching me.”

Source: © Amacgiant / Reddit

#16 “A mini banana”

Source: © burgergloo / Reddit

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