“If Youngboy Likes Makeup I Like It Too”-Fans Start Imitating Youngboy’s Makeup

Recently, the Baton Rouge rapper wears face makeup in his new music video for “Black Ball,” which was shot while he was under home confinement. Many fans pay attention to his new look, especially his new make-up. The rapper says he likes to wear black makeup because it makes him feel like a rockstar.
His switch-up has earned mixed reactions. However, many fans show their support by start copying his new look. 

If Youngboy Likes Makeup I Like It TooSource: rap-up

The rap superstar explained that he’s being himself when he wears makeup, saying, “Just, I don’t know. I feel comfortable that way. It gives me like, the goth feeling, like rockstars.”
His switch-up has earned mixed reactions. YoungBoy is one of the most established rappers right now and he has a large fanbase that will love anything he does — that crowd is saying that if YB is making visits to MAC Cosmetics, then they will too. The other side of the hip-hop community isn’t feeling this look though and they’re bashing him quite vocally, taking to social media to not-so-kindly request the rapper throw away all of his make-up products.

If Youngboy Likes Makeup I Like It TooSource: Twitter

YoungBoy isn’t the first hip-hop artist to experiment with gender norms and stereotypes by wearing make-up or women’s clothing. Kid Cudi, Jaden Smith, Young Thug, and many others have all done so before the 22-year-old, who seems to be at the beginning of his experimentation stage.
React to YoungBoy's new look, many fans start copy his make up and show their support for his doing. 

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