23 Most Haunted Experiences That Defined The Meaning Of Living With "Neighbors From Hell"

Our neighbors can affect several aspects of our lives, either positively or negatively. Despite how bizarre it may sound, they do have a significant impact on someone's social life. While the entire "love your neighbor" idea is as lovely as it sounds, it's only easy to put that into practice if the people who live next door to you are kind, wholesome, polite, and respectful. Otherwise, if they are one of those "neighbors from hell," then your tolerance as a good neighbor will be really tested.
There is a high chance that you will have at least one annoyance-worthy neighbor in your apartment complex or neighborhood. But we can assure you that they're probably not quite as awful as some of the neighbors whose Internet users have to deal with in this article. So let's buckle up and dive right in because we bet it's gonna be one hell of a ride! Enjoy!

#1. "Neighbor took delivery of a package that our business purchased, used the contents, and now wants us to pay for the scraps. Dafuq?"

Source: BigMacDaddy99

#2. This neighbor indeed has a bright light.

Source: TheNotTooDarkLord

#3. Amazon delivery picture of my package on my neighbor's porch. Asked my neighbor if they happened to accidentally get my package. "Nope didn't see it"

Source: _The_Space_Monkey_

#4. Neighbor keeps on stealings avocados from this guy's tree.

Source: kNockz00

#5. "I put up a fence to keep my thieving and incredibly nosy neighbor out. He then puts up a camera so that he can look in."

Source: harbinger_CHI

#6. This lady “catching” her neighbor…

Source: eclectic-mango

#7. "My neighbor installing shelves."

Source: ahab1313

#8. "Our downstairs neighbors dump all dog poop and pee on the balcony."

Source: yorzz

#9. "Since our neighbor got chickens we have had problem with flies, this fly catcher is 2 weeks old."

Source: is-this-valid

#10. “My sons kicked their football into the neighbor’s yard. This is how it was found today.”

Source: buddahsumo

#11. "Told my neighbor's kids to knock it off when I caught them throwing rocks against my fence and siding. Found this in my backyard 30 mins later (I have a dog)"

Source: seebz69

#12. "My neighbor just got their car detailed; it's so shiny that the sun reflection melted my blinds"

Source: Helpful_guy

#13. "Next-door neighbor parks both cars in front of the house, blocks my mailbox, and leaves theirs open"

Source: Negative_Permit

#14. "My neighbor keeps trying to connect to my TV. I can’t block it."

Source: r_youth

#15. Kids are having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to HOA that they must be running childcare.

Source: JustJJ92

#16. "My neighbors won't clear the dirty water in the pool. And now I can see mosquitoes sitting on the water, reproducing. Tried telling them, but they find it too gross to clean."

Source: Immediate-Judgment69

#17. "The way my neighbor mows his lawn."

Source: -----anja-----

#18. "This neighbor at my apartment who is threatening to tow anyone who parks in their unreserved spot."

Source: AnnaMcGee

#19. This neighbor bought this giant sign instead of turning the light off.

Source: nicbra86

#20. Are there any chances that this neighbor's house has a dead body?

Source: Feefee986

#21. "Our duplex neighbor of 3 years mysteriously moved in the middle of the night. we had never seen the inside of his house the whole time. Now we know why."

Source: mama_ji

#22. Neighbor's kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look "cute."

Source: burd-the-wurd

#23. A neighbor's "security" light that they keep on 24/7.

Source: TaudeTheThird

Which of these neighbors did you think was the worst? Do you have a similar experience? If you do, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.
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