30 Funny And Wild Pics Of Happenstances You Never Thought They Were Real

Sometimes the best things happen when we least expect them to. From accidental optical illusions to just straight-up hilarious moments of coincidence, perfectly timed photos dominate the internet. They are bizarre yet hypnotizing snapshots that can barely be replicated and won't be seen every day. Luckily, we have internet today. Thanks to digital social media, we can share them with everybody.
They are a true masterclass in accidental composition and almost too perfect to be real. Furthermore, these photos get funnier the more you look at them. We love them because they help us believe that our world contains numerous surprising, exciting things we can never expect. From identical-looking girls in class to dogs floating in bubbles, we will never foresee what life will throw at us without any warnings.
Here's just a compilation of thirty of the best perfectly timed pictures of stupefying coincidences taken at the right moment that is guaranteed to make you look twice.

#1. An ideal coincidence

Source: © tortugatuba

#2. The breakfast of a perfectionist

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: © antfro946

#3. Visual sample

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: © tezzabelle

#4. The crime is uncovered!

Source: © reddit

#5. A master of disguise

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: © UntoldDimension

#6. Fly, Puppy, Fly!

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: Ukulele_Henry

#7. Someone will snap a picture at the exact right moment so you can remember the pain, embarrassment, and humor of the moment.

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: LucilleSluggers

#8. Don't Feed the Animals: Snacking On Visitors At the Aquarium

Source: sloppyFarts

#9. Babies Come From Dropping Deliveries From the Stork

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: Dood71

#10. Nice beard! Wait a minute...

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: © Garnier Fructis

#11. Cat Food: Eating Pets Isn't Recommended

Source: screwywabbit

#12. When humans and nature unite

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: © dinocantelli

#13. The Owl Groom

Source: Jojokroezz

#14. Why wear an eye mask when you can just cover yourself with a magazine?

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: r/funny

#15. These trees look like huge broccoli.

Source: © Bdogg242

#16. There are two bodies, but can you tell where one head ends and the other begins?

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: blaQriot

#17. Don't worry, that tiny dog isn't trapped inside a bubble.

Source: WeRateDogs

#18. When the whole world is smiling at you

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: © crazymuffin

#19. Matchy-matchy outfit with the floor.

Source: © beedat

#20. Everyone likes ice cream!

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: © sandely65

#21. A jet-plane-velocity bird

Source: Miss Jaded

#22. Dog blends in perfectly with the carpet.

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: p3rcymiracl3z

#23. This motorcycle engine is giving some serious side-eye.

Source: ombrello_c

#24. The perfect disguise

Source: © Bence Bakonyi

#25. When you and your colleague match each other perfectly

Source: © ipylaev / pikabu

#26. This Portland citizen is taking the city's slogan seriously.

Source: The Unipiper

#27. Revealing the Groom's True Form

Pics Of HappenstancesSource: RagsyBoy

#28. The shape that the water in the air makes might look familiar — it's the spitting image of an elephant!

Source: RailTieYardGame

#29. One of the greatest photobombs ever - Pics Of Happenstances

Source: VermiciousKn1d

#30. Space Jam: Creating An Eclipse Through Basketball - Pics Of Happenstances

Source: MDPPatrick

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