22 "I Grew Up Thinking" Tweets That Offer You A Ticket To Your Childhood

Growing up is a common thing all people are involved in simultaneously. It’s also a cruel process by which reality keeps slapping hard on our faces. When we were just little kids, we often came up with our own explanations about how everything worked based on our imagination. We were still on our way to figuring out the world, hence we were easily deceived by how things looked to us.  More often than not, those “Oh I see” moments might be deadly wrong. The older we get, the more we realize everything is not what we thought it was. However, it’s always fun to take a trip back to our childhood, recalling our misinterpreting moments about the world. Many have shared their relatable misconceptions back when they were young so that the Internet can laugh together.
We’ve compiled a list of 22 "I grew up thinking" tweets that may make you go "me". Take a look below and don't forget to share them with your friends.

#1. Imagine explaining to the employees or security that you bought that item way back

relatable misconceptionsSource: rosebudmattel

#2. Someone has watched cartoons too much

relatable misconceptionsSource: sodapopclient

#3. A real fear

relatable misconceptionsSource: kendall_chill

#4. Still do...

relatable misconceptionsSource: SanphuSA

#5. Of course they are

relatable misconceptionsSource: WillTStout

#6. Given its high price

relatable misconceptionsSource: hayspence

#7. Makes sense

relatable misconceptionsSource: chrisfrom98

#8. Baby carrots

relatable misconceptionsSource: rozzheeg

#9. Isn't it?

relatable misconceptionsSource: Halle_Rae0

#10. Anyone still does?

relatable misconceptionsSource: kqngrmvr

#11. Same here

Source: PookMastaG

#12. A big yes

relatable misconceptionsSource: Carreldiacharri

#13. It says it on the tag to not remove

Source: SociallyInenpt

#14. Groundhog day

Source: shreksbish

#15. Isn't that how they make it holy?

Source: celerypie36

#16. The pigeon lady

Source: CastleJackal

#17. Sad story

Source: AmyConnerley

#18. Dogs and cats

Source: livrusso24

#19. “Down the wrong pipe”

Source: _lucie_sullivan

#20. Gorilla glue

Source: PjMcmillon

#21. Nixon

Source: mimicacas

#22. The Bermuda Triangle

Source: madslostocco

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