23 People Who Didn't Realize How Weird Their Childhood Habits Are Until Their Spouse Pointed Out

As kids, we little by little learned about the world with our family's guidance. We were too young to decide what was right or wrong to do. We basically observed what our parents did and imitated without question, assuming everything was normal. Unconsciously, most of us also picked up some eccentric behaviors along the way. We grew up unaware of our daily way of doing things is way too far from common sense. It is our spouses, with whom we share our living space, that give us a confused and concerned look when they witness our weird childhood habits. All of sudden, what we do turns out to be not as usual as we used to think.
Here we’ve compiled 23 people who didn’t realize their habits are bizarre until their partner say so. Take a look below and share with your spouse!

#1. Night Lunch

weird childhood habitsSource: mrjasonshine

#2. Do they go well together?

weird childhood habitsSource: dabizomb

#3. Spanking time!

weird childhood habitsSource: jberndtwojo

#4. Brush your fangs

weird childhood habitsSource: DNLadd

#5. Their love language

weird childhood habitsSource: tamiddy1

#6. That doesn’t sound good

weird childhood habitsSource: DestinySugarB

#7. Tacos without seasoning

weird childhood habitsSource: utaheconomist

#8. Shower in the dark

weird childhood habitsSource: TiaraMainHell

#9. Sounds bad

weird childhood habitsSource: MsJenOO

#10. Where to keep vitamins

weird childhood habitsSource: SamanthaApfel

#11. Chirping

Source: chaotic_teacher

#12. How could you

Source: Platonic2199

#13. Eating squirrel

Source: NotoriousEEBs

#14. Chili recipe

Source: fake_nic

#15. Spaghetti as movie snack

Source: baileyshak

#16. Eating everything on a plate with a knife and fork

Source: aimzyizzy

#17. Apple sauce

Source: towerm

#18. Damnnn

Source: natasha_vance11

#19. “Make a gallon of milk”

Source: carinamenina1

#20. Watery ketchup

Source: KatenCheyenne

#21. A peanut butter flip-over

Source: heeellllnope

#22. "Feel good foods"

Source: Blue92Lukas

#23. Walking on the ceilings

Source: ahoydivision

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