20 Movie Casts Who’ve Become Real Families

Most of us often spend an average of 8 hours per day working with our co-workers. In fact, we likely spend more time at the office with them than with our family members. It’s great to have co-workers who treat you nicely, teach you something, and face difficulties together. It’s no doubt that they become our brothers and sisters who share the unbreakable bone with us. So there's nothing wrong with calling them real families.
And there’s no exception in the cinema world, where actors are also working with their co-stars. Although some actors claim to not work with other stars again, some movie casts are known as a real family after finishing the movie. Nothing is more delightful than seeing the castmates of memorable shows and movies reunite and prove how deep their connections are in the photos below. Let’s scroll down and check them out!

#1 Friends

Real FamiliesSource: © Friends / Warner Bros. Television Distribution© Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

The actress Jennifer Aniston is always private about her personal life, but she makes us surprised by joining Instagram and posting a Friends reunion picture that stormed the internet. It's such a real family!

#2 Avengers: Infinity War

Real FamiliesSource: © Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures, © Robert Downey Jr. / Instagram

A lot of Avenger's family members got relaxed before combating Thanos.

#3 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Real FamiliesSource: © Lord of the Rings / New Line Cinemas© Dominic Monaghan / Instagram

Here's the fellowship sharing a good time at a restaurant catching up and reenacting the iconic Moria fight scene with the restaurant cutlery.

#4 The Big Bang Theory

Real FamiliesSource: © The Big Bang Theory / Warner Bros. TV© Kunal Nayyar / Instagram

They spent 12 years together in the Bigbang Theory, which made this nerd family inseparable.

#5 The Green Book

Real FamiliesSource: © The Green Book / Universal Pictures© Mahershala Ali / Instagram

As warm and simple as their camaraderie has been on screen, their connection in the movie is reflected in real life. Do you agree?

#6 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons WhySource: © 13 Reasons Why / Paramount Worldwide TV© Dylan Minnette / Instagram

These guys in the pictures never left each other's side during the entire series, and their bond is pretty much the same in real life, too! There're a lot of cuties.

#7 True Detective (Season 1)

True Detective (Season 1)Source: © True Detective / Warner Bros. TV© Matthew McConaughey / Instagram

That two men took a well-deserved and long break to chill after dealing with serious crimes during the whole season.

#8 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last JediSource: © Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures© Mark Hamill / Instagram

Have you ever seen this happy moment of the Star Wars family on screen?

#9 Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Source: © Brooklyn Nine-Nine / NBCUniversal TV Distribution© Andre Braugher / Instagram

Encounter the coolest on-screen precinct, which is regarded as one of the greatest casts in the history of television as well.

#10 Breaking Bad

Source: © Breaking Bad / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment© Aaron Paul / Instagram

They prove that losing a little hair and wearing a light-colored hat makes life easier.

#11 That ’70s Show

Source: © That '70s Show / The Carsey-Werner Company© Ashton Kutcher / Instagram

Everyone loved the shenanigans these guys played out in Eric's basement, who knew they would spark a sudden nostalgia all over again when our beloved Kelso, portrayed by Ashton Kutcher, uploaded a reunion photo on his Instagram?

#12 Sons of Anarchy

Source: © Sons of Anarchy / 20th Television© Theo Rossi / Instagram

Mentioning the dialog from the show: “Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.” These guys have been through constant hardships in the show and they still have each other’s back in real life, too.

#13 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Source: © The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies / Warner Bros.© Iam McKellen / Instagram

Sometimes, it's a treat to see the cast of a solemn movie being all satisfied and cheerful behind the scenes.

#14 Entourage

Source: © Entourage / Warner Bros. TV© Jeremy Piven / Instagram

The men of Entourage are best known for having fun on and off-screen. Ari Gold, portrayed by Jeremy Piven, looks so much in business mode here too!

#15 Thor

Real FamiliesSource: © Thor / Paramount Pictures© Chris Hemsworth / Instagram

OMG, we hope Odin (Anthony Hopkins) never mind this sign of affection.

#16 Spider-Man: Homecoming

Real FamiliesSource: © Spider-man: Homecoming / Sony Pictures© Robert Downey Jr. / Instagram

It makes people believe Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will never escape being patronized by his dearest Uncle Tony (RDJ) and Uncle Happy (Jon Favreau) in real life.

#17 Parks and Recreation

Real FamiliesSource: © Parks and Recreation / NBC© Aziz Ansari / Instagram

There comes one of the goofiest, yet most satisfying cast families at your service.

#18 Justice League

Real FamiliesSource: © Justice League / Warner Bros.© Jason Momoa / Instagram© Jason Momoa / Instagram

So glad to see the Justice League rejoicing in real life since they forgot to do the same while they were engaged in saving the world on-screen, as the most powerful superhero clan.

#19 The Office

Real FamiliesSource: © The Office / NBC© Rainn Wilson / Instagram

The Dwights have a knack for swapping their beards on-screen and off-screen like pros.

#20 Suits

Real FamiliesSource: © Suits / USA Network© Sarah Rafferty / Instagram

Let these guys show you how to be happy and eager in a courtroom.
Which of these cast reunions brings a smile to your face? Let us know in the comment section!
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