14 American And 14 British Celebrities Who Strikingly Resemble Each Other

While finding celebrity impersonators on social media may have become a fad in and of itself, some people effortlessly look like celebrities. That's true! And not only normal people may look like famous people, but some well-known celebrities also resemble one another so strikingly that you'd be excused for thinking they were related.
Consider the time you caught yourself wondering, "Wait, has Katy Perry moved into acting now?" while watching a new movie trailer, only to discover that you were actually seeing Zooey Deschanel. We've all engaged in it.
We've found that there are more celebrity impersonators than you might realize, and the A-Listers are well aware of this as well, based on previous interviews and social media remarks. Scroll down below to see who they are.

#1 Stephen Fry and Bill Nye

Resemble Each OtherSource: LEON NEAL / Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

They are both inherently humorous and have clever but endearing energy. They may be adored by people of various ages because of this.

#2 Lily Allen and Billie Eilish

Resemble Each OtherSource: Instagram / @lilyallen / @billieeilish

Both have different singing voices and take a strong stand against how women are treated by the police. They can certainly pull off that lime-green look, too.

#3 Paul Hollywood and Guy Fieri

Resemble Each OtherSource: Channel 4 / Getty Images / Robert Reiners / Stringer

Since there are too many similarities, it can only be believed that a Parent Trap scenario is taking place here. Both are well-known TV chefs who also wear ideal facial hair in addition to their trademark spikey hair.

#4 Katie Price and Kim Kardashian West

Resemble Each OtherSource: Instagram / @katieprice / @kimkardashian / Via

Both have reality TV shows, high-profile marriages, and expanding families in common.

#5 Gemma Collins and Snooki

Source: Channel 5 / MTV

Both gained notoriety as a result of reality TV programs that concentrated on a particular region, and they have also experienced infamous phone encounters.

#6 Noel Fielding and Jared Leto

Resemble Each OtherSource: Channel 4 / Getty Images / Emma McIntyre

Although one is the host of The Great British Bake Off and the other is an Oscar-winning actor, they both have an eclectic sense of style, and an oddball attitude, and it is difficult to identify their ages just by looking at them.

#7 Jamie Laing and Paris Hilton

Source: Instagram / @jamielaing / Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff / Stringer

Both have the same hair color and come from wealthy families. They have media empires, own product lines, and have been in reality TV Shows.

#8 The TV duos, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, and Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

Source: Instagram / @schofe / @ryanseacrest

#9 Olivia Colman and Laura Dern.

Source: Fox Searchlight Pictures / Netflix

They both won Oscars, but they also have a lot in common. Martinis, business rumors, and rants about their co-stars are all things they enjoy. Also available is some karaoke.

#10 Kevin Jonas and Antony Costa

Source: Bruno Vincent / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Although it wasn't their fault, both were the members of their respective boybands who received the least amount of praise. They ought to perhaps sit down and discuss their experiences.

#11 Florence Pugh and Jennifer Lawrence

Source: Amy Sussman / ANGELA WEISS / Getty Images

They share a similar attitude and enjoy making goofy expressions in pictures.

#12 Jimmy Carr and Jimmy Fallon

Source: Stuart C. Wilson / Jean-baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

They both have the same name, work in the same field, and exude a similar puppet-like aura.

#13 Billie Piper and JoJo

Source: Virgin / Blackground

They both have hit singles under their belts and have appeared on our television as Billie in "Doctor Who" and JoJo in "Aquamarine," respectively.

#14 Girls Aloud and Fifth Harmony

Source: Jo Hale / Stringer / Imeh Akpanudosen / Stringer / Getty Images

Both groups have had a similar trajectory, dominating the charts while donning similar-looking but distinct clothes that, in retrospect, virtually never made sense sartorially.
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