17 Times These Amazon Customer Reviews Absolutely Amused The Internet

Sometimes it feels risky to shop online because you never know what you'll get until the item is in your possession. However, occasionally picking the proper product might be aided by reading reviews.
The "Amazon Reviews" subreddit posts customer testimonials that are not only beneficial to other consumers but also extremely funny. Check out some of the funniest ones we have gathered for you by scrolling down.

#1 Reality Check

Source: uhkami

#2 She’s Special


#3 Angel Titties

Source: PinkJillyBean01

#4 Appreciate Honest Reviews

Source: PleasantAmphibian101

#5 The Deep Exhausted Sigh At Baby #175


#6 A Man And His Bidet

Source: OboTheHobo

#7 Reviewer Changes His Mind About A Bezos Biography


#8 But Did It Work?

Source: Wows_Nightly_News

#9 A Review For Caliwhite Teeth Whitening Gel That Got Political Very Quickly.

Source: iktek

#10 I Should Try It

Source: Kachiggamybigga2

#11 I Love Writing On A Subatomic Level!

Source: cragbabe

#12 Fishnets Are A Bad Influence

Source: happyllamaneedscomma

#13 Ps5 Not Waterproof

Source: CC4091

#14 Wasn’t Expecting To Laugh So Hard At A Review About A Plastic Strip That Helps You Remove Hair From Your Drain

Source: musicalharmonica

#15 Well At Least He Now Has A Dog

Source: Linkkk_

#16 Bread Slippers

Source: -betteroffthisway-

#17 This Review For A Book About Demons

Source: sashby138

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