20 Bizarre Off-Brand Halloween Costumes That Are Too Hilarious Not To Share

There are many Halloween outfits on the market that can help you resemble your favorite characters, but there are also some funny knockoffs that are just ready to make you laugh at their ridiculousness.
People found a variety of hilarious costumes while shopping for Halloween celebrations and posted their images online. Scroll down to see some hilarious and tacky knock-off Halloween costumes, like Wednesday Addams as the "evil midweek cutie" and Harry Potter as the "mystery magician lad."

#1 When You Don’t Own The Licensing Rights

Source: vodray

#2 There Is A Bunch Of Stuff Like This In My Local Costume Shop

Source: FernardFresh

#3 This Incredibly Racist Wig I Found In A Halloween Costume Shop A Few Years Back

Source:  Hightower10000

#4 Halloween Is Great

Source: Salemthakid

#5 Halloween Karen

Source: thecroakerqueen

#6 My All-Time Favorite Book Character: Missing Boy

Source: steampotato_

#7 “Plastic Man” Halloween Mask

Source:  tkmusic89

#8 Omg It’s 10 From Unusual Events

Source: _Ign0red

#9 Found These Gems In My Local Halloween Store

Source:  ManyTraining6

#10 A Stranger Things Knock-Off Halloween Costume

Source:  RonSwansonIsMyDad

#11 Halloween Costume From My Local Discount Store

Source: peachibbi

#12 Aqua Walker

Source: Warmtheawesome1234

#13 I Found This “Girls Fantasy” Halloween Costume

Source:  SpagyetiBoy

#14 Trans Boy

Source: HyperDank420

#15 Well, They’re Not Wrong

Source: ComradeReindeer

#16 Even Has Short Legs, Amazing

Source: Kunundrum85

#17 Rehab Wig

Source: PyroNemesis

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