Meet The Characters Of Encanto In Their Most Gorgeous Looks

In 2022, we met an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live in the mountains of Colombia in a magical house in a charming place called Encanto characters. Here, all family members use their unique gifts to help their friends and neighbors. The family’s magic has brought them a high standing in the community and their special gifts are useful. For example, Luisa uses her strength to catch escaping donkeys or Isabels grows flowers to decorate the casita for special events.
An artist is totally obsessed with the movie and admires the family. He decides to reimagine all family members in his own way. Each of the works grabs huge attention with thousands of likes and comments. Everyone has expressed admiration for his talents and encouraged him to create more amazing pictures.
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#1 Isabela Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Isabela Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Isabela is the oldest daughter of Agustín and Julieta. She is expected to be a perfect girl who always makes the family proud. However, her perfection is painstakingly practiced and this is her big secret.  She even cannot define what she herself desires and continuously finds herself striving to meet an arbitrary standard of perfection.

#2  Mirabel Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Mirabel Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Mirabel Madrigal, our main character of Encanto. Despite no power, she gets along with other family member. She is the only one in the family who can help others’ endowments survive and flourish although they have lost their more tangible powers.

#3 Luisa Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Luisa Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Luisa is the middle child of Julieta. She was gifted with super strength and is the one carrying all the burdens and pressure from her own family and even the town as a whole without any complaint.

#4  Dolores Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Dolores Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

 Dolores, the eldest and only daughter of Felix and Pepa. She was gifted with enhanced hearing, and this is why she exposes many people's secrets even when she does not want to.

#5 Pepa Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Pepa Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Pepa is the middle daughter of Alma and a mother of three children: Dolores, Camilo and Antonio. She can sense, create, shape and manipulate any kind of water, but most of the time the weather is determined by her mood. She can also generate rainbows and control the intensity of storms.

#6 Julieta Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Julieta Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Julieta has a magical gift of bestowing health with her cooking and this power to me is super cool. She always takes care of her family with a great amount of love.

#7 Camilo Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Camilo Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Camilo is the middle child of Pepa and Felix, who has the gift of shapeshifting and usually uses his talent to play pranks and tease other family members.

#8 Antonio Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Antonio Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Antonio, the youngest son of Pepa and Felix. His power is allows him to connect and communicate with animals.

#9  Félix Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Félix Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

He is a positive-spirited man, counterbalancing his often nervous wife, Pepa.

#10 Agustín Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Agustín Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Agustín is a sweet husband and super supportive dad. Despite no magical gift of his own, he always loves his family and is willing to protect them no matter what.

#11 Bruno Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Bruno Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

Bruno is depicted as an insecure and shy man, as he thinks his prophetic power only causes problems. Though he is very kind-hearted, caring and has a strong love and loyalty to his family, he is labelled as a person who makes bad things happen due to the nature of his gift of seeing the future.

#12 Alma Madrigal

Characters Of Encanto, Alma Madrigal, encanto charactersSource: roytheart_

She is the soul of the family who keeps them together. Her name means soul or spirit in Spanish.
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