17 Funny Tweets About Self-Care From Parents That Are Way Too Real

Self-care is the act of taking care of our minds, bodies, and spirit through engaging in stress-reduction and well-being-promoting activities, for example, watching TV, getting massage, taking a bath, and taking a nap. We are all aware that we should take care of ourselves. When being single, we plead the pressure of work and we have no time for ourselves. And we promise that we will treat our mental and physical health well as soon as we have more time. But given how much busier we get after getting married and having children, it seems unlikely that this promise will be fulfilled.
Many parents find that they need to take care of themselves because this is good for them and their kids as well. They attempt to engage in self-care in their own unique ways. They then tweet about their experiences in the hopes that others would benefit from their advice. We have collected 17 funny tweets about self-care from parents around the world. And you should read them because they are way too real.
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#1. Coffee time is an important time

Source: SnarkyMommy78

#2. Brilliant!!

Source: maryfairybobrry

#3. It's self-care, not lazy

Source: Lhlodder

#4. Omg yessss

Source: ScaryMommy

#5. This is genius

Source: TheMandiEm

#6. This tweet is so much deep down in my soul

Source: someboysmother

#7. It works

Source: maryfairybobrry

#8. Preach

Source: thebabylady7

#9. Oh yeah!!!!

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: daddysdigest

#10. LoL

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: michimama75

#11. Let her be!!

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: LaGuardiaCross

#12. Love these!!!!!

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: thearibradford

#13. Until the hands start trying to come under the door or pick the lock...

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: gfishandnuggets

#14. Amen

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: MacgyveringM22

#15. This one is somewhat funny

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: Jamberee13

#16. This is delightful

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: ElyKreimendahl

#17. Pizza always works

Funny Tweets About Self-CareSource: pro_worrier_

Below are funny tweets about self-care from parents. We hope you had fun with them.
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