30 Bad Funny Bird Photos That Absolutely Leave You In Hysterics

Photographers always want to catch the best moments of their targets. For example, they wait for a long time to shoot a perfect snap of a sunset or follow an animal all day just to seize its best pose or facial expression. However, to take a stunning picture, the cameraman has to fail thousands of times with blurry, shaky, or just not beautiful enough images. Though such photos can't be listed in competition, they are perfect to put a smile on your face.
The Facebook group 'Crap bird photography' has selected and documented these failed pics to make people burst out laughing. Its “About” section writes: "You know the story: there's always something in the way, they just won't pose right; the camera does something it shouldn't; wrong exposure, fuzzy photos, can't get the bird in the frame, etc. We preferably want photos of wild birds. funny photos are acceptable but keep in mind the main emphasis should be on photos gone wrong."
Below are the 30 funniest pics from the page that you should never miss. Continue to browse through these hilarious posts to see if they could crack you up!

#1 The Rarely Seen Fish Tailed Osprey!

Source: Rebecca Fatzinger

#2 Someone Pulled The Plug

Source: Bonny Martin

#3 This Is What Happens When You Try To Take A Nice Photo At The Beach

Source: Jen Whaley

#4 One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Source: Jose Doo

#5 Bit Tricky, This Cr*p Birdie Photography... "Swan Lake"

Source: Bob Schofield

#6 I Was Told This Belongs Here. My Husband And Nugget

Source: Molly Jean

#7 Excuse Me. Did You Say Something?

Source: Kym James

#8Have Been Trying To Land A Photo Of A Darwinian Finch - This One Was Having None Of It…

Source: Peta Payne

#9 Back Before I Had Chickens Of My Own And I Didn’t Know How To Pick Them Up

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Ashley Happ Garrison

#10 Very Fast

Source: Rachelle de Poorter

#11 Nailed It

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Jackie Mittler

#12 Now Bank Left. The Other Left

Source: Jamie Cannon

#13 I Am Particularly Proud Of This Excellent Shot. This Wonderful Ostrich Kept Trying To Eat My String On My Hoodie. I Have No Idea Why It Has Zombie Eyes In This Photo. It Was Totally Normal In Person

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Katie Phillips

#14 I've Never Managed To Get A Good Pic Of The Stunning Bright Green Parakeets In London – Until Today

Source: Jez Kemp

#15 This Magpie Is The Mascot. It Has Pie In Its Mouth

Source: Kristin Flett

#16 I Was Really On The Ball That Day

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Les Mulder

#17 As An Avid Bird Photographer, I Know The Value Of Waiting For The Exact Moment And Angle Where A Bird Is Presented In All Of His Magnificent Glory. And So I Give You "Twisted Egret"

Source: Nicole Wilde

#18 In Case You’re Hankering To Peer Down A Goose’s Tonsils, Claude Is Here To Help

Source: Kath Wilson

#19 Birds Eating (What's Left Of!) My Delicious Cake!

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Jacqui Symonds

#20 Thought I Got A Great Photo Of A White Ibis. Thinking, Now, It Might Just Be One Of Lady Gaga‘S Hats

Source: Holly Stoepker

#21 Now, I Know There's A Labour Shortage Currently, But This Is Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel Woolworths. This Guy Seems To Be Dawdling Very Near To The Bird Seed Too

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Lenny Pelling

#22 Taken Today

Source: Jennifer Wilson-Pines

#23 And Now, In Local News; Empty Suet Feeder Sends Backyard Red-Bellied Woodpecker Into Full Blown, Feather Temper Tantrum, Literally “Flipping The Bird” At Homeowner, As She Casually Takes Photo Of The Event. Details On This Story Are A Little Blurry

Source: Holly Stoepker

#24 A Camera-Shy Seagull - Bad Funny Bird Photos

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Iwen Chiu

#25 Bad Hair Day

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Jeff Craig

#26 My First Submission

Source: Audrey Ellen Bunce Bohl

#27 Words Fail Me - Bad Funny Bird Photos

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Ellany Whelan

#28 Last Man Standing - Bad Funny Bird Photos

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Michelle McNaughton

#29 “I Wear The Pants In This Family, And I Won’t Stand For It,” Clucked Charles. But He *was* Standing… And He *wasn’t* Wearing Pants…

Source: Elizabeth DC Fowler

#30 Some Of Us Have Never Held A Chicken Before And It Shows

Bad Funny Bird PhotosSource: Jenna Clare

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