20 Images And Memes Of Answers That Laughably Don't Clarify The Situation

Do you know the r/InclusiveOr subreddit? This online group was created on March 13, 2018. The group is dedicated to sharing moments of inclusiveness that no one could have expected—when both things are true, despite the “choose just one” restriction. As its self-describes, it's "for when the answer to a question is all of them." If this is the first time you visit this group, you might find it difficult to understand what happening there because this group has its own rules for all of the answers. But you will definitely laugh till your stomach hurts right after you get those rules. You can begin with 20 answers that laughably don't clarify the situation answers we have collected.

Now, scroll down to check out 20 images and memes of answers that laughably don't clarify the situation. Hope you have fun with them. Also, don't forget to upvote the pics that have you rolling on the floor laughing. If you want to laugh more here is another of our today funny posts about 15 Men With Ugly Neckbeards Who Will Never Get Women’s Attention.

#1. Found on Discord

Source: edmjunkie6914

#2. Coca-Cola gets it

Source: UncleDan21

#3. Small medium or large

Source: panfuneral

#4. Yes

Source: thisiskishor

#5. I like updownvotes

Source: rohleder1

#6. Pregna'nt

Source: kparadocs

#7. Monstermatt

Source: NotAPoliceOfficer68

#8. Petition to make this the sub icon

Source: Kuroh_uwu

#9. Is Alladin set in the middle East or India?

Source: fortyfivepointseven

#10. What would wolfs do

Source: Voldo_ate_my_sister

#11. Decided to try something new on tinder...

Source: Tequilashot360

#12. Can't outsmart me

Source: expedia69

#13. Yeah

Source: shruh

#14. I vote tail

Source: oButterballo

#15. Oh yeah

Source: Emotineb

#16. They found a cat

Source: diretilde

#17. Don’t mind if I do

Source: mickyodell

#18. Herb or skunk??

Source: Eyesman1418

#19. Yes

Source: Quints98

#20. Gay or anxious

Source: CycloneS2002

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