24 People Shared Some Of The Most Ridiculous Customer Food Requests They've Heard

Almost everyone stops by a restaurant every now and then. However, while most people act nicely and show respect for another person's time and efforts, some may take a different path. You know, like ordering a seven-step sandwich or customizing the order with way too many extra components that they probably don't even need in the first place. So, let's keep scrolling down to discover how some people can create extremely crazy orders with receipts as long as your arm. And believe us when we say that some of these ridiculous customer food requests are so bizarre that they will leave workers scratching their heads in confusion while making them.
With all that said, we have scoured the Internet to find some of the most obnoxious requests that customers ever asked for your entertainment. Let's scroll down to see what mile-long orders people have to share, and don't forget to share your thoughts about them in the comments below!

#1 It was not burnt, it's "super extra mega poppy seed crust."

Source: KN4SKY

#2 Make it so spicy that someone would get in trouble

Source: Ralphie25

#3 "A carbonara with broccoli instead of pasta"

Source: Goroman86

#4 Ladies and gentleman: A hollow bagel.

Source: premium-trash-can

#5 "No cheese, just a layer of tomato sauce, then cherry tomato and lots of corn. This costs them 10+ euro"

Source: pandadorable

#6 "Customer wanted an “obscene” amount of lemons and I aim to please."

Source: CosmicRave

#7 Wha...

Source: Boudinthedog

#8 “A guest asked for the biggest ribeye we had. Here is 72 ounces of good meat.”

Source: cbear0212

#9 Someone asked for a burger with “everything” on it.

Source: TheRealMrCrowley

#10 “Once a week, a customer comes to our restaurant and orders nachos, a Mexican appetizer. It costs $15 but we charge him 2 times more, because he asks for extra bacon, extra chicken, extra ham, and extra cheese.”

Source: pancakesDBG

#11 "So, we got this order today, just bread and pickles, warm bread and pickles."

Source: chaosful

#12 "I prefer freshly peeled burgers"

Source: iallaisi

#13 Bone apple tea

Source: dreezypeeezy

#14 "Yeah I'd like a pizza box with extra pizza. And hold the box."

Source: Kitnado

#15 10 large fries and wanted them all into a c bag:

Source: Happyatal1

#16 "Don't make my sandwich messy"

Source: Elizashizzle

#17 "3 beef patties, triple cheese, and a flat bun.” Why? Just why?

Source: korjubzo7

#18 They paid with cash.

Source: LegitMemes

#19 This:

Source: owenkimmler

#20 How?

Source: epicmariogameplayer

#21 Crispy chicken, add Mac sauce

Source: SauceGod4

#22 A bowl of eggs with a side of ramen:

Source: wetnoodle13

#23 Sunny side up, yolk on side

Source: dascook85

#24 Finally, this “allergy” card:

Source: DonnyLongHots

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