Top 8 Inside Celebrities' Closets That Are Worth More Than A House

We all have our wardrobe and it could be our fav in the entire home. It contains all of our beloved clothing that helps you cut a dash when going out. And, some fashion aficionados want to enrich their wardrobe more than anything in their abode.
Given that a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room is a must for a star, some celebrities transfer it into a dream closet that’s even more expensive than a house. From Kylie Jenner's one-stop shopping wardrobe suite to DJ Khaled's shoe collection and Reese Witherspoon's Legally Blonde shrine, these jaw-dropping walk-in closets are the height of luxury.
Scroll down to take a closer look at these 8 tremendously lavish closets of famous singers, actors, and models. You will be actually surprised by their unreal fashion space at home. On top of that, they’ll inspire you to take your wardrobe up to another level in the end. Check them out now.

#8 Jennifer Lopez

Source: People

The singer of the song “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” has a wardrobe that “cost a world”. You’ll be surprised to learn that this closet is even larger than any house. Lopez stated that it's not really a closet per se, it's more of a "huge room they converted."

Source: Pinterest

Her glam room is a never-ending place that extends up into another section full of more designer stuff every time you turn a corner. There are racks and racks of glamorous, sparkly evening gowns, as well as an unending supply of immaculately folded trousers. Everything you could want is in one of Jennifer Lopez's never-ending closet's many rooms.

#7 Paris Hilton

Source: Preview

When it comes to her closet tour, Paris Hilton is every bit the princess. Her immerse closet was actually created with a specific theme in mind. Her 'Old Hollywood' themed closet is entirely black and white, with numerous chandeliers and organizational components.
Her collection of custom-made perfumes coexists with her crazily lavish wardrobe and accessories. This enormous closet is filled to the brim with luxury products and boasts merchandise from her own brand at every turn. The enormous mirrors and chandeliers give the impression that this closet is much larger than it actually is.

#6 Kris Jenner

Source: Youtube

Kris Jenner's closet features more expensive, valuable stuff, and everything is beautifully presented and organized. Any one section of her closet is easily worth more than the average home, and every time you turn a corner, it becomes obvious that you are entering yet another area of this enormous, beautiful wardrobe.

Source: Architectural Digest

The closet's interior is all white with carefully placed LED lighting, creating the impression that it is an actual clothing store. Kris Jenner's closet has a compartment for daily sweatshirts and a separate one for shoes. She has a staggering amount of treasures and one-of-a-kind stuff in her closet.

#5 Kylie Jenner

Source: Hello Giggles

Kylie Jenner's closet tour was made before she became a billionaire, and this exclusive look inside her wardrobe reveals the shoe collection of dreams. Endless shoe and purse shelf units can be seen, all entirely stocked with luxury merchandise. She has a huge white vanity table there where she may get fully assembled and glammed up before exiting to display to the public her ultimate look.

#4 DJ Khaled

Source: Sole Collector

When DJ Khaled accepted the offer to film a closet tour, he immediately brought the cameras to his shoe closet, leaving fans to speculate about how elaborate the rest of his home is. Simply, the size and grandeur of DJ Khaled's shoe collection prevented the camera from capturing it from every angle. Not only did the camera need to pan around the room, but also up and down within the closet.

Source: GQ India

DJ Khaled must use a ladder to reach all of the shoes that are arranged in a line from the floor to the actual ceiling. Numerous custom-made sneakers may be found in his collection, along with some of the rarest and most expensive sneakers ever created.

#3 Mariah Carey

Source: Youtube

Mariah Carey began her closet tour by informing fans that she is "not as casual as most people," and this was confirmed when followers got a peek inside her opulent wardrobe. Her 'closet' extended from one room to the next and had several items that were not just hung, but also on show. Mariah's hangers are ideally positioned to highlight some of her most precious pieces, much like you'd expect from a store.

Source: Racked

Her closet is filled with bins, shelves, and other organizational components to accommodate her extensive collection of shoes and sunglasses. The large closet compartment also has ornately designed light fixtures mounted to the wall, giving the room the right Mariah 'glow.'

#2 Cindy Crawfor

Source: Youtube

Being a famous and legendary model, Cindy Crawford undoubtedly has a wardrobe that showcases her amazing sense of style. She has a simpler style than many other celebrities and is known for wearing a lot of comfortable clothing, including jeans and t-shirts, but don't let that deceive you—everything she wears is designer and extremely expensive.

Source: TODAY

You can take a 360-degree tour of Cindy's closet online since, without it, it would be challenging to truly comprehend the opulent space you are staring into. Cindy's closet is spacious and inviting, complete with a huge window that opens to a terrace and two big white vanity tables.

#1 Yolanda Hadid

Source: Bravo TV

Yolanda Hadid's wardrobe is a testament to her fascination with clothing accents. Any fan would be in awe of her enviable collection of luxury shoes, purses, and sunglasses. She acknowledges having an obsession with matching belts, shoes, and purses, and she has so many possibilities for each item that it's amazing she can decide on anything at all.

Source: Pinterest

All of Yolanda's clothing is neatly arranged and hanging behind glass doors so that it is both conserved and completely on display. The best part of Yolanda's closet tour is her admission that she is still in awe that she has access to everything. Yolanda admits to having only one pair of shoes at a time while growing up because her home was not as spacious as this closet. She has certainly come a long way, and her wardrobe speaks volumes about the opulent lifestyle she currently enjoys.
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