7 Actors Who Made Fun Of Their Works

Getting started in acting as a profession is challenging. It's not uncommon for male and female performers and actresses to be the target of ridicule from the media and the public. One thing that always stays the same in the acting industry is that everyone is made fun of at least once or twice (or a thousand times). It's unusual to witness a famous person criticizing their work, but the folks on this list can easily poke fun at themselves without blushing.
This quality may be positive and detrimental depending on the context: it's never good to be too hard on yourself, but it's also good to see when you're making mistakes and work to improve. The ability to laugh at one's foibles is also a valuable trait. Today, we give you a list of actors who made fun of their works.

1. Megan Fox

Actors Who Made Fun Of Their Works, Megan FoxSource: Getty Images

Even though Megan Fox is not known for the quality of her acting, her career looked to take a significant turn for the worse once she appeared in the Transformers film in 2007. She went on a rant against the director Michael Bay in front of the public.

2. Mariah Carey

Actors Who Made Fun Of Their Works, Mariah CareySource: Getty Images

During one season of American Idol, Mariah Carey served as a judge on the show. The tension in her interactions with fellow judge Nicki Minaj was palpable, but fans still found them hilarious. According to Carey, the show was "the most boring and phony event of my life," and she described it as "the worst experience of my life."

3. Katherine Heigl

, Katherine HeiglSource: Getty Images

Katherine Heigl has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most difficult actresses to collaborate with within the Entertainment industry. She is a talented actor who has performed in humorous, dramatic, and otherwise diverse roles. However, she has been critical of numerous projects in which she has participated, including Grey's Anatomy (where she said she was not given enough lines) and Knocked Up (she called the movie sexist).

4. Steven Tyler

Actors Who Made Fun Of Their Works, Steven TylerSource: Getty Images

Steven Tyler was one of the American Idol judges with the most fan support. In an interview with the magazine Rolling Stone, Tyler stated that the show "wasn't his cup of tea," even though he was quite popular on it. He admitted that despite his feelings for it, he couldn't stand it.

5. Nicole Kidman

Actors Who Made Fun Of Their WorksSource: Getty Images

Nicole Kidman, an Australian-American actress who portrayed the lead female part in the film Australia, has said that she "squirmed in her seat" during the premiere because she couldn't get into it emotionally.

6. Halle Berry

Actors Who Made Fun Of Their Works, Halle BerrySource: Getty Images

Catwoman, in which Halle Berry was featured, was not well accepted by critics despite the fact that she looked amazing in the role. Berry accepted the Razzie Award for Worst Actress in 2004 and afterward thanked Warner Bros. for "placing me in a godawful piece of s**t movie."

7. Alec Guiness

Actors Who Made Fun Of Their Works, Alec GuinessSource: Getty Images

Many devoted fans of the franchise like Alec Guinness's portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi. While on set, the actor wrote letters that were later published in which he described the films as "fairy-tale crap" with "excruciating and pitiful" speech.
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