20 Funniest Shadows That Will Make You Doubt Your Own Eyes

Everybody and everything has a shadow, and they all seem different depending on the angle of the light. But occasionally shadows get tired of living in, well, our shadows, and try to find their own identities by leading their own private lives. These funniest shadows here will make you doubt your eyes.
To see what we mean, look at the list below. It will change the way you look at the world around you, from a monster and invisible dog to a fairy tale. Have you ever seen a shadow that appears to be there? Scroll down to see, and don't forget to vote for your favorite!

1. The Cameraman's Shadow Looks Like A Dog

Funniest ShadowsSource: MuchoGrande

2. My Window's Shadow Is A Cat

Funniest ShadowsSource: boredpanda

3. Giraffe's Shadow Looks Like A Unicorn

Funniest ShadowsSource: 3_pac

4. My Toothbrush's Shadow Pays Attention To Its Oral Hygiene As Well

Funniest ShadowsSource: DHSVlip

5. The Shadows Of Two Strangers

Source: AlphaPlutonium

6. The Shadow Correctly Labels This Dog

Source: themattsquaredReport

7. The Shadow From The Toilet Paper Roll Looks Like A Hummingbird

Source: Vxee

8. Interesting Shadow Created From My Light Shade

Source: Rushmerphotography

9. I Really Don't Think That Was Intentional

Source: Olly Denton

10. The Shadow From This Mounted Bulls Head Looks Like It Has A Human Body

Source: youessbee

11. Giraffe Shadow

Source: KevlarYarmulke

12. The Shadow Of This Leaf I Found While Hiking Kind Of Looks Like A Dancing Fairy

Source: isarealboy13

13. The Shadow Of This Gate Looks Like It Says Ass

Funniest ShadowsSource: fibergum

14. The Shadow Of This Shag Carpet Looks Like A City Skyline

Source: natureisnifty

15. Shadow Looks Like A Hanging Man

Source: Mikepants

16. The Shadow Of This Machine Looks Like A Monster

Source: hollyGOLD

17. Taking A Photo Of This Horse Made Its Shadow Look Like Bojack Horseman

Source: RussellCoightus

18. A Friend And I Saw A Shadow. Added Arms

Source: trolollies

19. When You See It, You think it

Funniest ShadowsSource: Bored panda

20. Angry Garbage Bin

Funniest ShadowsSource: Bored panda

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