5 Most Expensive Vacation Destinations That Celebrities Love (And How Much They Cost)

A luxury lifestyle has been increasingly popular among celebrities over the years. They are known to want the finest of what is available. It might be living in the most luxurious residences, driving the most modern cars, using the most advanced mobile devices, and so forth. Visiting some of the most costly holiday spots is on the agenda. Whether celebrities want to be in the spotlight or avoid the paparazzi, only a few particular holiday spots come to mind across the world.
If you've been saving up for a bucket-list vacation, check out the list below of the top celebrity travel destinations in 2022, and note how much it'll cost you to go there, too. Although the prices in these destinations may be slightly higher than in your normal budget getaway, some of the greatest celebrity vacation sites will give you the trip of a lifetime. And if you’re like me, someone who loves celebrity spotting, you might be able to get a photo or perhaps an autograph when you visit these vacation sites.

#1 The Disney VIP Experience - $29,750 For A Five-day Trip

Source: Rice/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Busy Philips, Russell Wilson, Brandy, Serena Williams, and Shakira enjoy donning mouse ears in luxury - which translates to a VIP experience with a guide. The service is called MickeyTravels, a Disney vacation-planning company founded by couple Greg and Elyssa Antonelle in 2011. They never imagined they'd be working with mega-rich clients when they started out, but the company soon developed to include 250 travel agents, and with that expansion came a list of ties to the Entertainment and pro sports industries.
One-third of Antonelle's clients want ultimate luxury Disney experiences. This request is for VIP tour guides, whose services cost $850 per hour. If that sounds doable, consider the seven-hour minimum, which brings the total cost to roughly $4,550 to a little under $6,000. While this pricing normally includes up to 10 persons, it only covers the guide, thus park admission, lunch for the day, and overnight stays are not included. It is also not uncommon for VIP guests to demand the services of a guide for an entire week, which may cost as much as $29,750. This figure may not appear to be significant in comparison to others on this list, but keep in mind that it is the bare minimum for a week.

#2 Baker's Bay, Bahamas - $443,000

Source: beautiful island in the Bahamas

During the Kimye era, the pair chose Baker's Bay to celebrate Kanye's birthday. Have you ever been to Baker's Bay? Most likely not, because a large sum of money is only one criterion for enjoying this ultra-luxurious holiday. It also necessitates an invitation, which is only extended to superstars. To begin, they flew to the island aboard a private plane. Baker's Bay provided jet skiing, boating, and plenty of exquisite relaxation. To make the most of the $443,000 price tag, the pair received unlimited Casamigos tequila, courtesy of Mike Meldman, the third owner of Clooney's tequila company. Many other celebrities, like Lance Armstrong, Martha Stewart, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Lawrence, have visited this exclusive island - by invitation only, of course.

#3 Mar-A-Lago In Palm Beach, Florida - $200,000 Per Membership

Source: Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago is not a tourist spot where anyone can drop by and stay, even if they have a lot of money. A membership to Mar-a-Lago is required, not just an invitation. Celebrity clients include Janet Weiner, part owner and CFO of Rockstar Energy Drink, James Dolan, owner of the New York Knicks and executive chairman of the Madison Square Garden Company, and Beth Stern, actress, model, and wife of radio personality Howard Stern, as well as bestselling author James Patterson. We're not sure how the memberships work, but we do know that members must pay an additional $14,000 in annual dues plus tax on top of their membership payments.

#4 The Hamptons, New York - $100,000 For Two Weeks

Source: The Hamptons beach with lighthouse in background

Venus Williams, Brooke Shields, and Jimmy Fallon all love to spend their vacations in The Hamptons. So do Bill and Hillary Clinton, who spent $100,000 to rent a four-bedroom property in Amagansett, New York, for two weeks despite having a combined net worth of $125 million. The couple was joined by their only child, Chelsea, son-in-law Marc, and granddaughter Charlotte to make the visit a family holiday.

#5 Seychelles - $475,000

Source: Seychelles island

If there is one Indian Ocean island getaway that celebrities enjoy, it is Seychelles. It's the picture-perfect vacation location, with crystalline waters, fluffy sand beaches, and plentiful waterfalls. The island caters to guests seeking privacy, making it an excellent retreat destination for celebrities. Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich spent $475,000 on their honeymoon in Seychelles. They may have been inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton, who chose to spend their honeymoon there as well. To enjoy Seychelles, you do not have to be one-half of a couple. Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Paul McCartney, and Elizabeth Hurley have all visited the lovely island.
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