16 Hilarious Times People Get Drunk And Did Something Really Crazy

Getting drunk and entering the party zone is something that most of us have done at some point in our lives. I'm being modest here because some of us do it every weekend. However, it is not difficult for drunk people to lose control and cross the line.
This amusing list of drunk people just doesn't know what did they do when they got drunk. From mistaken soap bars for fudge and driving cars into pools to making strange online purchases to waking up with a toaster full of macaroni, the people below may not recall the weird things they did, but they certainly remember the hangover!
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1. It is Even Worse When You Come Back Home To This Without The Lights On

Times People Got DrunkSource: Bored Panda

2. Now You’re Both Drunk And Late

Times People Got DrunkSource: robboma24

3. Have You Ever Been So Drunk You Mistook A Chocolate Bar For Your Phone?

Times People Got DrunkSource: manny135

4. Drunk Me Made A Drum Kit Out Of Cocktail Stirrers Last Night

Times People Got DrunkSource: Bored Panda

5. I Got Drunk And Woke Up At The Taxi Driver’s House

Times People Got DrunkSource: mikeallison67

6. Last Night I Was So Drunk I Replied To My Own Text 

Times People Got DrunkSource: losingseIf

7. This Cat Has To Take A Bath As His Mom And Her Best Friend Got Drunk

Times People Got DrunkSource: Bored Panda

8. Drunk Amazon Purchase

Source: MorganLStamper

9. Drunk Me Ordered A Pizza And Threw It Into The Urinal


10. I put my shoes in the fridge when got drunk

Source: DrunkAlbatross

11. I got drunk and started to photoshop my friend but forgot to make “it”

Source: ballison10

12. Locked my mom’s shoe last night and still can not find the key now

Source: Justched

13. My Boyfriend Got Drunk Last Night. I Woke Up To This

Source: themusicman777

14. This Drunk Woman Dropped Her Phone. She Picked Up Her Sandal Instead And Used Her Phone As The Sandal

Source: Bored Panda

15. Even Get Drunk, But You Left Your Leg Outside The Pub?

Source: lessons_learnt

16. I Wake Up At 2am To Find My Roommate Passed Out In A Box Of Packing Peanuts

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