Taylor Swift Writes About Her Feeling With Tom Hiddleston In "Midnight Rain"

Taylor Swift's latest album, Midnights, has received a lot of attention. One of these songs is "Midnight Rain," in which Swift reflects on a previous romance. The person desired a family life, comfort, and a wife, but she also desired to be free and continue to make a reputation for herself in pop music. Many fans think the song Taylor Swift Midnight Rain is written for her old love with Tom Hiddleston 6 years ago.

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After meeting at the Met Gala in May 2016, Swift and Hiddleston, previously dubbed “HiddleSwift,” dated for three months from June through September, following her split with Calvin Harris. Swift has since been with her longtime partner, actor Joe Alwyn, but still reflects on her past relationships through music. Case in point, the track “Getaway Car” on 2017’s Reputation has long been believed to be a Hiddleston-inspired one.

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“when Taylor Swift writes a banger song it's always Tom Hiddleston at the scene of the crime. I need to thank that British man for giving me midnight rain and getaway car,” one Twitter user wrote.
In “Midnight Rain,” Swift sings lines like “He wanted a bride, I was making my own name.” In the past, there was a rumour Taylor said "no" to Tom Hiddleston's marriage proposal. Hiddleston then went on to get engaged to fellow actor Zawe Ashton and now expecting the first child. Seem like the song is a storytelling of her hurting from the relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

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 Continue scrolling for some fan reactions about Taylor Swift’s “Midnight Rain” and Tom Hiddleston’s perceived part in the song.
Others believe the song is about Taylor Lautner, whom she dated for three months early in her career, and their reasoning is... strange. According to one Twitter user, the lyrics "He was sunshine, I was midnight rain" were a reference to Lautner's Twilight character Jacob Black, which appears to be a bit of a stretch. Others claim that Swift's career was on the rise when she split up with Lautner in 2009, giving slightly support to this theory.
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