27 Rare Celebrity Photos That Are Too Remarkable to Be Forgotten

As diehard fans, we’re interested in the lives of our favorite celebrities. We tend to collect celebrity photos that just keep on popping up on social media, not many find out their old pics that showcase partly their past. It may be about their childhood or when they were in a relationship. Throughout these pics, we know how they were when they were a child or at the beginning of their careers. Rare celebrity photos are “hunted” by huge fans, who wish to keep them to themselves.
From Brad Pitt to Adele, here is a list of hard-to-find photos of celebrities that are so interesting. Some pics where famous people are caught in embarrassing situations give us a huge shock, some are so cute that totally steal millions of hearts.
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#1 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Source: velvetcoke

#2 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Source: schwarzenegger

#3 Ryan Reynolds

Source: vancityreynolds

“I used to style my hair with a blowtorch.”

#4 Salma Hayek

Source: salmahayek

The actress with her hometown of Coatzacoalcos, Mexico in the background.

#5 Mariah Carey and Will Smith

Source: historyphotographed

#6 Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt

Source: historyphotographed

#7 Katy Perry

Source: katyperry

#8 Sylvester Stallone

Source: officialslystallone

#9 Chris Pratt

Source: prattprattpratt

#10 Jason Momoa

Source: prideofgypsies

#11 Dwayne Johnson

Source: therock

#12 Ornella Muti

Source: ornellamuti

#13 Michael Jackson

Source: beyonce

#14 Beyoncé

Source: beyonce

#15 Jared Leto

Source: jaredleto

Jared with his older brother Shannon, Jared is on the right.

#16 Justin Timberlake

Source: justintimberlake

#17 Uma Thurman

Source: umathurman

#18 Hugh Jackman

Source: thehughjackman

“Typical of me to forget to wear the track team shirt on photo day.”

#19 Zac Efron

Source: zacefron

#20 Mark Wahlberg

Source: markwahlberg

Wahlberg with Leonardo DiCaprio, 1995.

#21 Gwen Stefani

Source: gwenstefani

Gwen Stefani with her brother.

#22 Martin Lawrence

Source: martinlawrence

#23 Sarah Jessica Parker

rare celebrity photosSource: sarahjessicaparker

“When my love for acting was born. My first job. Playing the main role in The Little Match Girl for NBC, 1974.”

#24 Pierce Brosnan

rare celebrity photosSource: piercebrosnanofficial

#25 Charlize Theron

rare celebrity photosSource: charlizeafrica

#26 Eminem

rare celebrity photosSource: eminem

#27 Adele

rare celebrity photosSource: adele

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