6 Best & Worst Marilyn Monroe Inspired Outfits That Worn By Celebrities 

She is always a fashion icon until the end of time. Marilyn Monroe inspired outfits are still being worn by celebrities and others in order to recreate the image of one of the most symbolic actresses in history. In this post, let’s find out who wore them best and who did worst. 

#1. Best: Madonna At The 1991 Annual Academy Awards After-Party 

Source: GMA

Madonna has worn Marilyn Monroe inspired outfits for so many times, on stages, photoshoots and on red carpets. Monroe was a blonde icon and so is Maddie herself. They are both the IT girls of their time therefore it is understandable that the Queen of Pop recreating the actress’ looks. She is also a Marilyn Monroe celebrity look alike. 

#2. Worst: Paris Hilton At The Launch Of Her Fragrance, Tease 

Source: Access

"There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde - like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana - and right now, I'm that icon.", the TV star stated herself. However, many said that they did not see the aura of Monroe with this outfit. There were a little too much push-ups and tanning. Paris should have stayed to her Barbie image. 

#3. Best: Lana Del Rey Portrayed Monroe In Her Music Video National Anthem 

Marilyn Monroe inspired outfits 34554Source: Interscope Records

Lana Del Rey is one of Monroe's most well-known enthusiasts. She even wrote a song with her name as the title. In her music video for National Anthem in 2012, she dressed as Monroe while singing Happy Birthday to JFK and it was one iconic moment. 

#4. Worst: Kim Kardashian Wore The Actual Dress And Ruined It 

Marilyn Monroe inspired outfits 34545Source: NBC News

At the 2022 MET Gala, the TV star shocked the world by wearing the historic dress of Monroe to the red carpet of the world’s biggest fashion event. It did not pay any tribute to the actress by the way she ruined it on and off the carpet. In fact, the dress was severely damaged and would be hard to be reformed. It is also one of the most infamous fashion incidents and Kardashian is among the worst celebrities dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

#5. Best: Kylie Jenner Becomes Monroe For Halloween On V Magazine 

Marilyn Monroe inspired outfits 34545Source: V Magazine

The iconic look of Monroe from the 1953 movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was recreated by Kardashian’s half-sister for the cover of V Magazine in November, 2019. It went viral for the details and accuracy compared to the original. After all, people praised the photoshoot for being fashionable and loyal to the authentic. Marilyn Monroe inspired fashion is impactful to every generation.

#6. Worst: Miley Cyrus Goes Nude On German Vogue 

Marilyn Monroe inspired outfits 345435Source: German Vogue

Let alone that she does not resemble the actress, Miley looks more like a copycat of her idol, Madonna. Most importantly, the hairstyle and whitewashing made the photos harder to look at. When it comes to channeling Marilyn Monroe inspired outfits and herself, many have mistaken that red lipstick and short curly blonde hair are enough. What made the late actress standout was actually her aura: being elegant, seductive and glamorous at the same time. 
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