13 Comparisons Between the First and Last Episodes of Popular TV Series

It is true that we are living in the second Golden Age of television when the television is full of content to sift too much. However, it’s going through a stellar stage that doesn’t mean what came before is bad. Over a decade ago, plenty of popular TV series enjoyed a peak run, and dramatic storytelling churned out engaging, unforgettable arcs.
Enthusiastic audiences have glued to their sofa to watch TV series whenever they have free time. Week after week, year after year, we feel eager to find out what would happen next. Some shows are extremely good that several fans would purchase DVDs to watch them again and again. Every TV show often last years sometimes makes fans not realize how different the actors look.
We've collected some pictures of the first and last episodes of some of the most famous, longest-running series of all time.
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#1 The Big Bang Theory

TV SeriesSource: © The Big Bang Theory / Warner Bros /© Chuck Lorre

The show was on the air for 12 seasons, released on September 24, 2007, and ended on May 16, 2019. The reason the series canceled was when Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) announced to leave the project. To continue without him wouldn't have made much sense. The comedy received 55 Emmy Award nominations.

#2 Friends

TV SeriesSource: © Friends / Warner Bros /© Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

“Friends” is one of the most beloved comedies of all time, first aired on September 22, 1994, and ended on May 6, 2004. It had a total of 10 seasons. All characters found a place in thousands of viewers’ hearts.

#3 That '70s Show

TV SeriesSource: © That '70s Show / Carsey Werner Productions

The TV comedy started airing on August 23, 1998 and was broadcast until May 18, 2006. After 8 seasons, it totally stole millions of hearts. Actors who starred in the movie later became great Hollywood stars, like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

#4 How I Met Your Mother

TV SeriesSource: © How I Met your Mother / 20th Century Fox Television /© Bays Thomas Productions

The popular series began in 2005 and ended in 2014 after a total of 9 seasons. It is about a father who recounts to his children - through a series of flashbacks - the journey he and his four best friends took leading up to his meeting their mother.

#5 Criminal Minds

TV SeriesSource: © Criminal Minds / CBS

After 15 seasons, the series ended in Feb 2020. The show had to replace one of its main actors, Thomas Gibson, who after portraying controversial behavior while filming 3 episodes, was fired by CBS and ABC Studios.

#6 Gossip Girl

TV SeriesSource: © Gossip Girl / Alloy Entertainment

Blair, Chuck, Dan, and Serena were best known for starring in “Gossip Girl”. It had 6 seasons, starting in 2007 and ending in December 2012. It received various nominations for different awards and won a 2018 Teen Choice Award.

#7 Two and a Half Men

TV SeriesSource: © Two and a Half Men / Warner Bros /© Chuck Lorre

The series aired on CBS for 12 seasons from September 22, 2003, to February 19, 2015. The success of the series led to it being the third-highest revenue-generating program for 2012, earning $3.24 million an episode.

#8 Bones

TV SeriesSource: © Bones / Josephson Entertainment /, © Far Field Productions /© 20th Century Fox Television

This iconic police drama ended after 12 seasons. It premiered in 2005 and finished in 2017.

#9 Supernatural

TV SeriesSource: © Supernatural / Kripke Enterprises© Wonderland Sound and Vision© Warner Bros

"Supernatural" is a dark fantasy drama television series created by Eric Kripke. Due to its success, the series was renewed for a fifteenth and final season that consisted of 20 episodes and premiered on October 10, 2019. The series concluded on November 19, 2020, with 327 episodes aired.

#10 Grey’s Anatomy

Source: © Grey's Anatomy / ABC Studios

The movie’s first episode date was March 27, 2005, and is still running. However, during 19 seasons, many actors decided to leave the show which caused a lot of pain to many fans.

#11 Will & Grace

Source: © Will & Grace / KoMut Entertainment /© 3 Sisters Entertainment /© 3 Princesses and a P /© NBC Studios

“Will & Grace” was broadcast on NBC from September 21, 1998, to May 18, 2006, for a total of eight seasons, and returned to NBC on September 28, 2017, and ended on April 23, 2020. The show has been one of the most successful television series with gay principal characters.

#12 Gilmore Girls

Source: © Gilmore Girls / Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions /© Hofflund/Polone /© Warner Bros

The show debuted on October 5, 2000, and ended on May 15, 2007. Since going off the air in 2007, Gilmore Girls has been cited in TV (The Book) and Time magazine as one of the 100 greatest television shows of all time.

#13 Modern Family

Source: © Modern Family / Lloyd-Levitan Productions /© 20th Century Fox Television

This comedy first aired in September 2009 and is currently running its eleventh and final season as of 2020.
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