Times Netizens Used This Online Thread To Share Their First Memories

We can all agree that sometimes we miss the past, even though it is disputed whether life is better today than it was in the past. This is especially true when we reflect on our youth, when we were carefree and had few concerns.
What is your first memory, Redditors? questioned En-tre-pre-neur in a discussion on Ask Reddit. The locals had been kind enough to offer some of their most tender childhood memories, which could be funny, sentimental, or tragic. 20 of the thread's best stories have been gathered below, which might make you grin as well!


Source: thebawsofyouStephane Mignon

I woke up in my parents bedroom. The window was brighter than usual so I looked outside. It was snowing.


Source:  __whitty__Marco

I was too little and used to crawl on all 4 limbs. I remember my dad took me to a clinic. There I noticed someone crossing the legs for the first time. He was reading a newspaper. I was damn confused about his legs, I wanted to ask my dad, but had no words.


Source: Jed1M1ndTr1ckNenad Stojkovic

Standing in my mom’s room, asking her what my name was.


Source: Coygonfollowtheseinstructions

Trying to drink a cup of water while lying flat on my back in the crib. Water splashed all over my face, of course, and while I was preverbal, my thoughts can be best translated as “Well, let’s not do THAT again.”


Source: NeutyBootyDonnie Ray Jones

Can’t remember the age this happened, but I remember feeling really sick for some unspecific reason. I told my mom and she went out to grab medicine for me at the local pharmacy. I really can’t remember what symptoms I was feeling or what she intended to grab to help me.
While she was out, I started feeling much better and felt bad that I made her go out and get medicine. I remember waiting for what felt like an eternity, sitting at the bottom of our stairs by our front door waiting for her to get home. When she got home I apologized because I told her I felt okay again and felt bad she ran out just to get something to help me.
She didn’t care. She was just happy that I didn’t feel sick anymore.


Source: zariaahSuzanne

Being told to go for a nap (I was around 2-3 at the time), & I refused because I wanted to keep playing & was being defiant. My Dad repeatedly put me in my bed and said that I’ll feel better if I lied down for a bit. I fell asleep and he woke me up 2 hours later. And shocker, I felt better. Lol.


Source:  pakidaraMike Carter

Middle of the night. ~3 Y.O. at the time. Woke up and vomited in my bed and all over myself. Started crying because I got sick, it was gross, and I was afraid I would get in trouble if I woke everyone up by going to the bathroom. So, I sat there crying in my puke until it woke up mom and she got me cleaned up.



I would have between between 2-3 years old.
I had always remembered it as an out of body experience. I was at my grandma’s house walking around the pool alone (I know, it didn’t take long for mum to find out and ban unsupervised visits with grandma) and I fell in, I remember it as if I was reaching in and saving myself from drowning somehow. It’s really hard to explain.
I told mum about this in the last few years and it turns out I was actually saving my brother from drowning, but it had also happened to me and she thinks I must have merged the memories somehow.


Source: bless-you-mludStef.

I’m about 3½ years old, and my dad wakes me up in the absolute dead of night and tells me to come down and watch TV. My mom’s like “just let the kid sleep” but my dad says “no, this is important”. Turns out, some guys have just landed on the moon and are about to go for a walk.


Source: holipopsSteven Lilley

My parents took me to the park. Now, my mum is terrified of birds, including ducks. As in, she will scream if they come near her. I remember suddenly a flock of ducks, swans, geese, all of those water birds, suddenly coming towards us. My mum? She let go of my hand and ran off screaming. My dad? Went after my mum. Me? Well, I became duck food.


Source: JadedJackal671Michael Coghlan

Peeing on my sisters bed and blaming it on the dog.


Source:  mommy1395Toshiyuki IMAI

I was 2 years old and wouldn’t allow my cousin to go near my baby sister. She was MY sister.


Source: dainty_flowerclappstar

I remember my grandfather letting me sit on his lap while he played poker with a bunch of other grandpas – and they let me eat all of the cookies I wanted. They smoked cigars and made faces at me. I remember thinking it was hilarious. All of my earliest memories are of him. He was always happy to see me and would pick me up and laugh.
He died when I was 4.


Source: : omgwhatisleftolle svensson

My 1-year-younger-than-me cousin was watching me eat a lollipop and got so confused when it was inside my mouth. She kept asking where it went! Then I took it out and showed her. Then I put it back in my mouth and she asked me again where it went. I was 3. She still my best friend 39 years later.


Source: that-bass-guyEric Lewis

Sitting in one of those chairs where they feed you. I remember just being happy, and pure. My mom was feeding me, and my dad was sitting on a couch across me.I remember them smiling, and I remember being filled with love, no actual thoughts, just pure love for my parents. I think about that once in a while


Source: jonatan-attia22T.Hagihara

I faked swallowing a rock when I was 5 to leave kindergarten, then I confessed when my mom and I were at the hospital about to get x Ray.


Source: cointelpro_shillBharat Mirchandani

My mom was spoon-feeding my infant brother and she dropped the spoon in a bowl of soup. I thought it was gone forever in an infinite ocean of soup, and I was amazed when she got it back out. I think that was me learning object permanence


Source: trustmeimweirdThe National Guard

Walking up to a stranger on a ferry that was wearing the same (very obscure) jumper as my dad, hugging him and loudly proclaiming “daddy I saw a dolphin!”
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