Mariah Carey Teases Us All On Her Twitter: She Returns THIS Early?

In her most recent videos on Twitter, the legendary Mariah Carey teases all of us for her comeback in the middle of October. It seems like people are already excited for Christmas even though it’s not even Halloween yet. 

#1. All I Want For Christmas Is Already Resurfacing On Charts 

Source: Twitter

Every year, the iconic hit song crawls back on worldwide charts and brings the singer a huge fortune. This year, reportedly the song already lands at no.56 on the TikTok Trending Songs. It means that its season is getting really close even though it’s only the second half of the Fall.
The festive hit song also receives more than 300.000 daily streams on the world’s largest streaming service, Spotify. No matter whose song is charting at the moment, All I Want For Christmas Is You always takes over its place in December to January, annually. 
It’s hard to imagine that there is a seasonal song earning as many achievements as this one. Last year, it stayed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 consecutive weeks. The song is listened to and recognized worldwide, being one of the most impactful Mariah Carey’s hit songs. 

#2. Mariah Carey Teases Us That “It’s Almost Time” 

On October 16, she tweeted “It’s almost time…” with a picture of her festive red robe on the steps to her bathtub. Following that, her twins begged “We want to listen to ‘All I Want…”. “Not yet”, she replied. One of them did not even stop by continuing “Well, can we at least decorate the tree?”. Our beloved diva, blowing the bubbles, and repeated “Not yet”! 
The cute tweets have gone viral for their early holiday spirits! Seemingly, many of us are as excited as Moroccan and Monroe (Carey’s twins) for the Winter holiday. Anyways, who does not love Christmas with holiday songs, peppermint, Christmas trees and all the most delicious desserts. 
Mimi acknowledges Christmas fans’ anticipation for her annual comeback. Within a couple of weeks, her songs will certainly be played everywhere, every time until 2023. She has become the symbol for this wonderful festive season. 

#3. What Do We Expect From Mariah Carey This Year?  

Source: NY Times

Mariah Carey Christmas songs and performances are essential for the holiday. It does not complete without festive songs including her tracks. Usually, Carey is always busy during this time because of several live stages and collaborations. In 2020, in the middle of the global pandemic, she released her Apple TV’s Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special featuring many stars like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson and Snoop Dogg to bring the holiday to the screens. 
Previously, Sam Smith had expressed his love toward the Queen of Christmas and stated that Mariah Carey was on the top of his collaboration wishlist. The singer of Unholy would love to sing a fabulous Christmas song (or songs) with her on stage. So, might we expect a song featuring both amazing artists? It will be a great gift for this Winter holiday! 
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