30 Magnificent Photos That Catch Your Breath With Surreal Moments Of Earth

In this day and age, most people are stuck in the rat race and have less time to enjoy life. The rapid pace of life and increasing competition have forced us to live in a hurry, which may deprive all of our energy. 

Sometimes when we feel exhausted and helpless, a wise move is to stop and admire the splendid world we are living in. The advent of technology has allowed us to easily observe our stunning planet with advanced photography. We can sit comfortably on a soft couch at home or anywhere else and appreciate the breathtaking nature through incredible photos. 

The pictures below are so surreal that you may think they’re products of photoshop. Some natural phenomena may never appear in your wildest imagination. However, they are all original images that capture some surreal moments of Earth. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 This Sunflower Doesn’t Want To Face East

Source: EnjoyOslo

#2 The Chinese Art Of The Crowd

Source: Feng Li

#3 Oceanic Flight

Source: Eduardo Lopez Negrete

#4 Sun Curling Up A Wave

Source: Surreal moments of Earth

#5 Welcome To September

Source: -coolcoolcool-

#6 To See Flower In Water Drop

Source: Miki Asai

#7 Rare Cloud Phenomenon Over Eastern Victoria, Australia

Source: reddit

#8 Under A Wave


#9 A Crack In The Earth

Source: ClosingDownSummer

#10 This Cloud Looks Like A Feather

Source: noman878

#11 Boat Looks Like It’s Floating In The Air

Source: Domenico Formichella

#12 I Took This Photo Of A Reflection In A Puddle And The Gravel Looks Like A Starry Night Sky

Source: LucyDreads

#13 Maple Ridge In Japan

Source: alkamo

#14 Methane Bubbles, Abraham Lake

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris

#15 Lenticular Clouds

Source: Brian Middleton

#16 Flickering Beauty

Source: Jiryn

#17 Highway In Netherlands

Source: Sumit316

#18 Light Pillars In Northern Ontario

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: Timothy Joseph Elzinga

#19 The Eruption Of Mount Ararat

Source: flappytowel

#20 A True Gentlemoon

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: DIPMYBALLSINIT

#21 A Gate At A Balinese Temple

Source: TopdeBotton

#22 Sky Over Citifield After Intense Storm Before Game

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: beau-dog

#23 Zhangye Danxia Landform In Gansu, China

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource:

#24 Bent Rail Tracks After A New Zealand Earthquake.

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: imgur

#25 A Thick Fog Has Blanketed The City Sophia In Bulgaria

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: nationalgeographic

#26 Surreal Waves In Turkey

Source: Courtesy SIPA

#27 The Nighttime Haze Effect Of Sausalito, California

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: wallpaperbetter

#28 Devil’s Bridge, Germany

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: hinklefinkledinkledo

#29 Sky That Looks Like A Rough Sea

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: lilyrosecooper

#30 Spiral Pine

Surreal Moments Of EarthSource: Lobo2ffs

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