18 Celebrity Interview Moments That Are Highly Awkward And Uncomfortable

Few things grab our attention like the way an awkward celebrity interview does. It isn't fun for the stars involved at all. Sometimes even viewers and fans have to resort to watching through their fingers. Plus, when celeb lands themselves in an embarrassing interview situation, more people try to dig deeper into what happened. The uncomfortable moments were filmed and re-uploaded on social networks. Then, curious and cringe-seeking netizens can't stop smashing the replay button and spreading rumors.
Star guests and interviewers are professionals in public speaking. Regardlessly, they mess up from time to time. Because everybody is a human and can't control their emotion perfectly, they slip words occasionally. Whether they regret it later or not, their reputation is already affected (it usually gets worse in these cases). On the other hand, some internet users think those bad moments are just another effective way to draw attention.
And as you can see from our collection below, plenty of stars have had things take an uncomfortable turn when they find themselves in the hot seat. Check them out to see how bad the situations could get!

#1. Paris Hilton

Source: ABC

When an interviewer asked Paris Hilton, "Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?", she flashed a light smile and walked out instantly. The interviewer was quite confused and nobody there knew what was happening.

#2.Barbara Walters and the Kardashians

Source: ABC

When Barbara Walters said to the Kardashians that they had no talent, they nodded and acted as if they agreed. This awkward moment is still kind of shocking even today.

#3. Selena Gomez

Source: WGN

Being asked about Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez ended the online interview immediately. Her fans saw her getting confused and dumbfounded instantly so they assumed her crews cut it off for her.

#4. Taylor Swift

Source: ET

Being told that a lot of men would be willing to come home with her after winning trophies, Taylor Swift replies straight that she wasn't bringing any man home that night. Apparently, the singer didn't give in to the interviewer's shady question about her love life.

#5. Harry Belafonte

Source: KBAK

Closing his eyes during a live interview, Harry Belafonte was said "wake up!" by his colleague. He denied that he was asleep but the staff thought he did pass out for a few seconds.

#6. Samuel L. Jackson

Source: KTLA

When an interviewer thought Samuel L. Jackson was Laurence Fishburne, he said, "I'm the other guy! There's more than one black guy doing a commercial.". Clearly, the actor wasn't happy to go with the interviewer's mistake.

#7. Jerry Seinfeld

Source: CNN

Being asked how he would have felt to be canceled while his show was reigning on top, Jerry Seinfeld got angry and complained that the interviewer wished he would get canceled but it would never happen because "Do you know who I am?".

#8. Cara Delevingne

Source: Good Day Sacramento

When interviewers called Cara Delevingne "exhausted", she did a facial reaction showing it was surprisingly silly. It was easy to see she didn't know where he got that idea.

#9. Justine Bieber

Source: CBS

Referred to the Sistine Chapel as the "Sixteenth Chapel" because of his tattoos, Justine Bieber refused to go for the Sixteenth Chapel look.

#10. Courtney Love and Madonna

Source: MTV

Courtney Love threw a shoe at Madonna during her VMA interview in 1995 and then crashed it. Then, this incident became unforgettable to every pop music fan.

#11. Mel Gibson

Celebrity Interview MomentsSource: WGN

Called out on anti-Semitic comments, Mel Gibson cut off the online interview with the A-word. He was obviously feeling annoyed.

#12. Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt

Source: Moviefone

In this entire interview with Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt, when Brad said "I gotta go with a serious actor" after being asked to pick his favorite from the film, Jonah appeared to be brokenhearted.

#13. Beyoncé

Celebrity Interview MomentsSource: Getty Images

When an interviewer asked Beyoncé if Jay-Z wanted to have kids, she didn't have it.

#14. Jesse Eisenberg's interview with Romina Puga

Source: youtube

Jesse Eisenberg's interview with Romina Puga was full of rudeness, weird flirting, and sarcasm. The actor was called "j*rk" after this.

#15. Fredricka Whitfield and Joan Rivers

Celebrity Interview MomentsSource: CNN

Fredricka Whitfield tried calling Joan Rivers out for fur, and Joan immediately stormed out. She said if Whitfield was using leather boots, then she didn't have the right to question her.

#16. When Charlie Sheen was asked if he was bipolar, he said he was bi-winning!!!

Celebrity Interview MomentsSource: ABC

When Charlie Sheen was asked if he was bipolar, he said he was bi-winning. The actor had been diagnosed with this mental disorder. After this, his statement became a meme.

#17. Tony Danza

Celebrity Interview MomentsSource: ABC

Not knowing he was on air, Tony Danza badmouthed Disney's new show. Also, he used lots of bad words and didn't apologize to anyone later. Thanks to this, his career was running down to the bottom and could never go up again.

#18. Kanye West and Sway

Celebrity Interview MomentsSource: youtube

Kanye West and Sway got into a really awkward argument in the middle of an interview. Kanye kept yelling and said Sway didn't have the answer.
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