10 Incredible Live-Action Adaptations That Change The Appearance Of Their Characters

You may feel it’s counter-intuitive, yet it’s right. Speaking of adaptions, most people think they should be as close as the original version. However, many producers boldly take it far from the previous one as they think it’s more suitable for their current filmmaking. That’s a two-edged sword as it can be loved for its own version, or else, suffer under the lash for spoiling the well-known origination.
Today, we would like to discuss live-action adaptions from animated movies. Remakes of iconic animated films into fresh live-action experiences have had varying degrees of success in recent years because it can be challenging to capture the spirit and personality that make such films so outstanding. One of the crucial things is how to choose spot-on actors or actresses that are compatible to deliver the characters.
It's a good thing that many movies have done it effectively. Although they changed the appearance of their original characters, they still impress audiences and critics with their own aura. Can’t believe that? Take a closer look at these 10 following cases below.

#1 The Fairy with Turquoise Hair - Cynthia Erivo

Live-Action AdaptationsSource: © Pinocchio / Walt Disney Animation Studios, © Pinocchio / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

The Fairy with Turquois Hair is one of the crucial characters in the Pinocchio animated version 1940. Therefore, when making the live-adaption version, the producers need a suitable actress to play this character, albeit not the lead role in this version. Thanks to her stunning voice, Cynthia Erivo was considered for that role. They believed she was able to deliver a sweet and maternal side of this character. And they’re right, absolutely!

#2 Tinker Bell - Julia Roberts

Live-Action AdaptationsSource: © Peter Pan / Walt Disney Animation Studios© Hook / Amblin Entertainment and co-producers

Since even the costumes were dissimilar, the only thing Julia Roberts and the 1953 animated character had in common were their pointed ears. However, Steven Spielberg directed the live-action version, which was not Disney-produced, and they changed a lot of the plot. For instance, the performers were no longer youngsters but rather adults who took time out of their regular schedules to travel back to Neverland and engage Captain Hook once more.

#3 Doctor Eggman - Jim Carrey

Live-Action AdaptationsSource: © Sonic X / TMS Entertainment and co-producers© Sonic the Hedgehog / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

Does Jim Carrey resemble Doctor Eggman in any way? Not at all. Was he ideal for the part? Absolutely! The actor made a triumphant return to the big screen as the antagonist of a well-liked video game from the 1990s and succeeded in making the audience root for the antagonist rather than simply despise him. We all adored him and found ourselves laughing aloud at every one of his impromptu moments. The second segment of the story, however, saw Jim Carrey shaving his hair and donning a goofy mustache in an effort to stay more true to Doctor Eggman's cartoon.

#4 Nick Fury - Samuel L. Jackson

Source: © Spider-Man / New World Entertainment Films and co-producers© Captain Marvel / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

Samuel L. Jackson played Nick Fury so convincingly in Captain Marvel that by the conclusion of the film, people will be wondering whether he isn't the genius behind S. H. I. E. L. D. and not simply an actor. Despite his physical look, the actor quickly connected with the comic book character, discovering more depth and history in him than just an angry aspect.

#5 Elfs - Ismael Cruz Córdova

Live-Action AdaptationsSource: © The Lord of the Rings / Fantasy Films and co-producers© The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power / Amazon Studios and co-producers

To be honest, Ismael Cruz Córdova's elf does not like the one portrayed in the original novel, its animation, or later adaptations. However, for the actor, playing this mystical race was a dream come true. That's because when he was a kid and wanted to play elf with his pals, they told him he couldn't because he didn't look like them due to his Latin heritage.
"When I heard about the character on the show, I felt it was a mission," the actor continued, noting that he wanted today's children, regardless of culture, to be able to empathize with the fantastical characters they respect.

#6 Motoko Kusa - Scarlett Johansson

Live-Action AdaptationsSource: © Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex / Bandai Visual Company and co-producers© Ghost in the Shell / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

The issue with Ghost in Shell’s live-action adaptation was not that the lead actor did not resemble an animated motion character, but rather that the audience would have been taken aback by the casting of Scarlett Johansson. This was due to the fact that she was supposed to be portrayed by an Asian woman in the original plot, which was based on a cartoon of Japanese origins.
The majority of followers were content to watch Scarlett portraying the role in Japan, though. They did not anticipate that they would select a person from another continent because it was a Hollywood production. And despite the contentious casting, the movie won multiple awards for its spectacular effects and makeup.

#7 Heimdall - Idris Elba

Source: © The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes / Film Roman Productions and co-producers© Thor / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

Idris Elba's portrayal does not have anything to envy the animated version, despite the fact that the actor's skin may not resemble that of the comics in which the character appears. His mere presence on screen alone demanded respect.

#8 Zuko - Dev Patel

Source: © Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon Animation Studios© The Last Airbender / Paramount Pictures and co-producers

The role was initially filled by Jesse McCartney. Nevertheless, Dev Patel was ultimately cast in the role of the villain concerned with discovering the avatar, which required him to train in martial arts.

#9 Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds

Source: © Justice League / Warner Bros. Animation and co-producers© Green Lantern / Warner Bros. and co-producers

Even though Ryan Reynolds may claim to disown this film, he will always be bound by the events of the past. Nevertheless, aficionados of superhero comic books adore the character. The superhero was a key figure in the Justice League series before the movie gained popularity. And he didn't look like the actor who played him years later.

#10 Aquaman - Jason Momoa

Source: © Aquaman / Filmation Associates and co-producers© Aquaman / Warner Bros. and co-producers

Last but not least, Jason Momoa portraying Aquaman really float our boat. Although his appearance seems different from the animated version, he brought the character a modern personality that audiences and experts highly rate. Aquaman is also the icon role of Jason Momoa and cement his acting career.
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