Stop Being Confused With The Metaverse Definition, These 5 Movies Will Help You Answer

The Metaverse definition is now the most discussed topic, especially after the founder of Facebook (now Meta), Mark Zuckerberg, mentioned it last year in his talk. However, it remains confusing to many people with the question “What is Metaverse actually?”. In this post, let’s find out some movies set in virtual worlds to understand more about this concept.

#1. The Matrix (1999 - 2021) 

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It is the earliest introduction to the public about what Meterverse is. Keanu Reeves starred as the hacker Neo who finds out that the real world is not actually real. The universe of the Matrix is created by sentient machines which are able to have its own intelligence and decision. Then, the human race has to fight and figure out how to survive out of their control. It is one of the most iconic and initial movies about Metaverse.

#2. Tron (1982 - 2010) 

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Tron leads the viewers into a virtual world which is actually inside a computer software. Kevin Flynn is a computer programmer and video game developer who is trapped inside this virtual world and tries to escape. A sequel, Tron: Legady, premiering in 2010 also expanded the Metaverse definition in this Tron universe. Both movies were not well-received when they were on air, however both became cult movies. Nowadays, many people give them compliments for being ahead of their times.

#3. Wreck-It Ralph (2018 - 2018) 

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This is the only animation series that is aimed at kids. The universe of the film is inside the world of video games where game characters might interact with each other, have feelings and have their own stories. It is a great example of the Metaverse definition by how these unreal characters actually develop their characteristics and personalities. And they are all different from each other. Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz are the main characters.

#4. Ready Player One (2018) 

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The virtual world of Ready Player One is called the OASIS, a virtual reality simulation. Set in the year of 2045, humans find it hard to interact and survive in the real world. As a result, they escape reality by joining the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), a virtual reality Entertainment universe. Wade Watts, a teenage orphan whose avatar is Parzival, allies with his best friends to claim the ownership of OASIS over its corporation through a contest.

#5. Free Guy (2021) 

Source: 20th Century

The latest Metaverse related movies include Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds. He plays as an NPC (non-player character) named Guy in an online video game. Later, Guy acknowledges that there is something wrong about his life which is repetitive and lacking some flavors. It urges him to explore the truth by doing something unusual and abnormal. He ended up finding the true story about himself and was not very happy. However, at the end of the day, the creators of the game figured out that he is not a game bug. In fact, he is the world’s first AI game NPC that develops his own feelings and desires.
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