10 Celebrity Millionaires Who Hardly Spend Their Money

Most people can only dream of all the extravagant things they'd be able to buy for themselves if they had an unlimited budget and daydream about having millions of dollars in their bank accounts. Many people are interested in the lifestyles of the wealthy and famous and tune in to see all the pricey stuff they favor.
While the majority of famous people do go on lavish shopping sprees and are known to brag about their wealth on social media, there are a few well-known people who live modest lives and don't place a lot of importance on money and possessions. Fans are surprised by their simple lifestyles even though their bank accounts may show incredible wealth. The following list includes some of Hollywood's most approachable stars.
Look over the list and let us know which celeb you love most. Do you prefer a lavish lifestyle or a simple life like your idol?

#1 Christian Bale

Source: IMDb

Christian Bale has amassed a fortune of $120 million and has excelled in the films Batman, American Psycho, and The Fighter. He is known as a man who does not consider wealth to be the secret to happiness, nonetheless. He maintained his one-bedroom apartment during his time as Batman and refrained from getting a cell phone or hiring protection. He was reported in an interview as saying; "Wealth doesn't mean anything to me. If a robber broke into my house, he'd burst into tears."

#2 Jay Leno

Source: YouTube

Throughout his long career, Jay Leno has established a global reputation for his humorous skills. He hasn't lost his roots despite having to work two jobs as the son of immigrants in the past to make ends meet. The celebrity, who is now worth well over $450 million, keeps most of his money in savings and leads a modest lifestyle. He uses some of the money from his stand-up performances, choosing to save the remainder of his income from all other sources. One pastime that Jay Leno appears to invest money in is his enormous automotive collection, which is still increasing.

#3 Jennifer Garner

Source: Biography

Jennifer Garner has kept her calm despite her $80 million income. She grew up in a conservative family and has continued to live her adult life upholding the ideals that her parents taught her. She leads a modest life and, wherever possible, strives to avoid the fame limelight. Garner frequently walks rather than spending a fortune on a nice automobile since she loves shopping at the neighborhood farmers' markets. Her children are raised to place higher importance on their lifestyle preferences than their financial situation.

#4 Jennifer Lawrence

Source: ELLE

At the peak of her success, Jennifer Lawrence was one of the most paid actresses in the world and her films draw sizable audiences. Most people would believe that she lives in the lap of luxury, owns numerous enormous mansions, and maintains an extravagant lifestyle because she has big movie titles like Silver Linings Playbook and the Hunger Games under her belt, but nothing could be further from reality. She is renowned for using coupons for discounts when she shops, and her Volkswagen Eos is frequently spotted being driven around town. In her hometown of Louisville, Lawrence has committed millions of dollars to a cardiology department in a children's hospital.

#5 Jessica Alba

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Jessica Alba has earned a stunning $200 million in net worth thanks to her prominent roles in blockbusters like Good Luck Chuck and Fantastic Four, but her priorities are conserving that money and encouraging others to do the same. By no means does she lead an opulent lifestyle; instead, she prefers to promote the Honest Company, a manufacturer of eco-friendly baby products. Her children are dressed in hand-me-downs, and she is open about her love of thrift stores. Alba is frequently seen taking the bus and leading a normal life.

#6 Keanu Reeves

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Keanu Reeves has a $380 million net worth, so he can do whatever he wants with it. However, he prefers to give his money away. He is renowned for being one of the kindest famous people to ever grace a red carpet, and he even forfeited his $80 million Matrix salary to the team who worked tirelessly to make the movie. Without hesitation, he instantly made each of them millionaires. He chose to stay in motels and rent basic apartments for several years, and he was frequently seen riding the bus. Millions of cash are secretly donated to good causes by Keanu Reeves, who also funds his hospitals and organizations.

#7 Leonardo DiCaprio

Source: Parade

With a fortune of "Titanic" proportions ($260 million), Leonardo DiCaprio could easily lead a lavish life every day. He's made some significant bets, like the $1.75 million he shelled out to buy his very own private island, but they weren't done for his indulgence. DiCaprio's 104-acre Blackadore Caye island, which is off the coast of Belize, was created as an eco-friendly resort as part of his ongoing commitment to environmental preservation. He wants it to be completely self-sufficient, using only renewable energy. He frequently drives around in his Toyota Prius.

#8 Reese Witherspoon

Source: Parade

Reese Witherspoon has starred in several high-profile films, but she is most remembered for her work in Legally Blonde. She could easily live a lavish existence surrounded by glitz and glamor with her incredible $300 million net worth. Reese, who is open about her inability to defend opulent living and acknowledges that she is unquestionably financially secure and worry-free, does not understand the point of living a luxurious lifestyle. She saves the majority of her money and instills a simple lifestyle in her kids.

#9 Russell Crowe

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Russell Crowe has long held a position of prominence in Hollywood and has become a legend thanks to roles in films like Gladiator, Cinderella Man, and A Beautiful Mind. Despite being supported by a fortune of $100 million, he doesn't appear to be particularly prosperous. He has relocated to Australia and now lives on a ranch there after deciding to avoid the materialistic lifestyle of Hollywood. Crowe primarily spends his time working on his farm, where he also enjoys the peace, while driving an older model Jeep. He gives millions of dollars in secret to organizations that are dear to him, including a Jewish school in Montreal, Canada, that was the victim of a hate crime.

#10 Sarah Jessica Parker

Source: Biography

Fans watched Sex and the City avidly for more than 7 years, and the clothing that Carrie Bradshaw chose from her closet nourished their fashion fantasies. Every pair of pricey designer shoes worn by Sarah Jessica Parker's character matched flawlessly with the opulent textiles in every hue and pattern. Although Sarah Jessica Parker has a net worth of $200 million in real life, her attitude toward money is significantly different from what most fans would anticipate. She was raised in a large family that was supported by welfare payments for food and housing, and she has never lost sight of her roots. She keeps her money in her bank account and lives simply.
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