These 14 Celebrities' Old Photos Actually Refresh Our Soul

It’s frequently said that “old but gold”. That’s right! When we see our old photos that are taken a very long time ago, we tend to fondly recall our memory. This feeling is hard to explain, you can be happy, you can be sad, or even get angry when remembering this moment, but in the end, these are significant memories. And it’s really something when figuring out how much we’ve changed and grown, what we’ve gone through during that time.
Today, people tend to post their old photos on their social media to share their past with their friends. This type of photo has an unexplainable power and gets arrays of reactions. Many famous peoples have also shared that type of photo and drawn massive attention. They made their followers go gaga over their past when they were unknown.
In this post, we’ve curated 14 celebrities' old photos that actually made your day. You can’t imagine how much they’ve transformed, and how fun they look when they’re just cute little boys or girls. So what you’re waiting for, scroll down and enjoy.

#1 Mandy Moore talks about her once hairstyle, “How could I have ever thought this was acceptable?”

Old PhotosSource: © mandymooremm / Instagram© mandymooremm / Instagram

#2 Flashback to the dark side with Christina Aguilera.

Old PhotosSource: © xtina / Instagram© xtina / Instagram

#3 Mark Ruffalo did not appear to be the most enraged superhero in his adolescence.

Old PhotosSource: © markruffalo / Instagram© markruffalo / Instagram

#4 Although going through a transformation from a boy to a mature man, we can see the similar feature between Jack Black's young and adult

Old PhotosSource: © jackblack / Instagram© jackblack / Instagram

#5 Katy Perry from a dreamy 13 year-old-girl to a real superstar

Source: © katyperry / Instagram© katyperry / Instagram

#6 Orlando Bloom — the pirate of hearts, then and now.

Source: © orlandobloom / Instagram© orlandobloom / Instagram

#7 Ben Stiller — 3 crazy nights at the museum later.

Source: © benstiller / Instagram© AXELLE WOUSSEN/Bauer Griffin/East News

#8 Gal Gadot is adorable at any age.

Source: © gal_gadot / Instagram© gal_gadot / Instagram

#9 Adele had superstar vibes when she was a kid.

Source: © adele / Instagram© adele / Instagram

#10 Will Smith — you are a legend!

Source: © willsmith / Instagram© willsmith / Instagram

#11 “Alright, alright, alright!”

Source: © davidarquette / Instagram© Invision/Invision/East News

#12 Michelle Trachtenberg is always charming no matter what age she is.

Source: © michelletrachtenberg / Instagram© Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup/EAST NEWS

#13 Chris Pratt is so reminiscent of a Chucky doll in this photo.

Source: © prattprattpratt / Instagram© Dick Thomas Johnson / Wikimedia Commons

#14 Melissa McCarthy was a comedian from the get-go.

Source: © melissamccarthy / Instagram© melissamccarthy / Instagram

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