15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Fabulous Dolly Parton

In Hollywood, there’s no one like Dolla Parton. She’s made her own appearance that the audience can’t go wrong with uniquely blonde hair, sequinned jumpsuits, and frosted lip gloss. Besides, she’s also a wholesome musician, who has written many go-to county songs, becoming one of the most successful music icons in the world.

Fans are also proud of this kind-hearted artist. Dolla Parton has had many contributions to social development. Her good deeds and charity works are as much as (or even more than) her decent songs.

Although Dolla Parton is a worldwide name and you can easily get her information on the internet, there are many hidden facts about this great lady that even fans don’t know. From her special relationship with Miley Cyrus, her boobs insurance cost to her saying no to the King of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley, with whom everyone dreams to work, they are all maybe one of the most shocking things you know in your life. Scroll down and check them out now!

#1 She’s got multiple secret tattoos

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dolly's friend judy ogleSource: Inked Magazine

Many musicians have tattoos, but they tend to be in genres that lean toward the darker or rocky end of the musical spectrum. Parton has long been said to cover her body art with long sleeves. She almost confirmed it in 2014, telling Today's Savannah Guthrie, I do have a few little tattoos, but they were mostly done to cover scars because I'm so fair," Parton explained that the tattoos are largely for her

#2 Her breasts are insured for $600,000

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dolly's friend judy ogleSource: Larry McCormack via The Guardian

Every celeb tries to identify their own style that makes them stand out. For Dolla Parton, she can be recognized with white jumpsuits, rhinestones, and big, blonde hair. But one of the part she focus more on is her breast. She believes that it gives her more “hidden part”.

Each boob is insured for $300,000 because Parton sees her possessions as crucial to her profession and appearance. That implies that Parton always has $600,000 worth of value on her person, even when she doesn't carry a purse.

#3 She wakes up at 3 am every day

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Dolly Parton is one of the busiest celebrities around, and the key to getting as much done in a day as she does is actually quite straightforward. Even if you believe you rise early, it's likely that you don't rise as early as Dolly Parton, who rises every day at three in the morning to maximize her output.

Parton gets up at 3 a.m. every morning to think and pray before commencing work while the rest of the world is still asleep. She has an early bedtime due to her schedule, so it's doubtful that you'll run into her at any wild parties for the Entertainment industry.

In an interview, Parton described her morning habit as follows: “I get up, I do my little meditations, I do my little spiritual work. I do more work between 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM than most people do all day.” She added, “because it’s quiet and the energy’s all low, except mine. So I just really get a lot done. I just love the wee hours, I call it.”

#4 She has an honorary doctorate

Dolly Parton, songs you didn't know were written by dolly parton, <br/>
dolly's friend judy ogleSource: University of Tennesee

Parton never actually continued her schooling beyond high school because she set out to start her profession as a songwriter as soon as she graduated. Having said that, her activism and philanthropy have both placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that kids have access to school and other possibilities for advancement.

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville has recognized her lifelong effort to promote people's access to educational attainment possibilities. Parton was chosen as a prime candidate for an honorary doctorate by the institution because of the importance she has placed on education throughout her life.

Celebrities receiving honorary doctorates from universities in their native state or town is nothing unusual, but Parton receiving one from the University of Tennessee is notable. Parton's diploma is only the second honorary degree awarded by the University of Tennessee, which means it should be framed alongside her platinum recordings.

#5 Parton's first label refused to let her record country music because they thought she had the wrong voice for it.

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In 1965, Dolly Parton secured a recording contract with Monument Records and knew right away that she wanted to put out country music. Even though they thought she looked more like a pop star, the label actually discouraged her, which is nearly impossible to imagine now.

Dolly Parton's label believed that her voice wasn't appropriate for country music, so her appearance wasn't the only issue. Parton's lone pop song, Happy, Happy Birthday Baby, didn't manage to crack the Billboard Hot 100, thus she was only permitted to record a country single.

Even after being given the go-ahead to pursue a solo country career, Parton needed a few singles to find her footing and climb the charts. Parton didn't achieve a solo number-one single until 1974, by which time her stardom had already been solidified.

#6 She wrote I Will Always Love You and Jolene just in the same night.

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dolly's friend judy ogleSource: Shirlaine Forrest / Getty Images via Southern Living

Dolly Parton has had many hits over her career, but I Will Always Love You and Jolene are without a doubt among her most popular songs. What's amazing about these two successes, in particular, is that they were very certainly written on the same night... even if Parton can't recall.

We know I Will Always Love You and Jolene were written close together because they were recorded on the same cassette tape, and Parton has been known to fill an entire cassette in a single writing session. So it's extremely possible that the two songs were created concurrently, or at least one after the other.

Unfortunately, the original tape no longer exists, even though Parton retained the original recordings. Parton digitized several of her old recordings when the tape began to deteriorate, and she uncovered much information about the recording process as a result.

#7 She refused to work with Elvis Presley

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dolly's friend judy ogleSource: Getty Images via Time

There’s a fact that “The King Of Rock n Roll” really likes to sing the song “I Will Always Love You”. After Dolly had a hit with the song, Presley's manager approached her in the hopes of having Presley cover it. However, as part of the agreement, Dolly had to give up half of the publishing rights to the song, which irritated the singer. She stated that something in her heart told her not to do it. Whitney Houston later covered the song for the soundtrack to "The Bodyguard." Dolly has stated that she is grateful for having said no to Elvis and yes to Whitney.

Dolly Parton, songs you didn't know were written by dolly parton, <br/>
dolly's friend judy ogleSource: Suzie Gibbons / Redferns via Verdict

#8 She was estranged from Porter Waggoner for years

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The most renowned musical duet to cooperate on a television show is arguably Sonny and Cher, but Dolly Parton and Porter Waggoner are just behind them. Waggoner asked Parton to be the resident vocalist on The Porter Waggoner Show, which she did for eight years.

Waggoner supported Parton's early music career, but when she wanted to leave the program and strike out on her own, Waggoner attempted to sue her for breach of contract. As a result, the two were estranged for many decades, and their friendship was only rekindled soon before Waggoner's death.

Parton was Waggoner's last guest, and he was at his bedside the day before he died. According to Parton, the two joined hands and prayed together, but Waggoner's soul was "already with God" at that point.

#9 She has offered 120 million free books for children

Dolly PartonSource: Shannon Finney / Getty Images

Dolly Parton established the nonprofit organization Imagination Library in 1995 with the aim to give children free books for the duration of their childhoods. The purpose of Imagination Library is to foster a child's love of reading and to aid in raising literacy levels in low-income communities in the United States.

The charity was established by Parton as a memorial to her father, whom she frequently refers to as “the smartest man [she] ever met,” The fact that Parton's father was unable to read caused him a great deal of worry and shame throughout his life.

More than 120 million children have received free books through Imagination Library, which has also broadened the scope of its mission beyond the US. The initiative now provides books to kids in Canada, the UK, Australia, and the Republic of Ireland who are in need of them. It was the accomplishment of which Parton's father was most pleased.

#10 She has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Dolly PartonSource: Pinterest

Receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is pretty much the pinnacle of achievements for well-known creative people. Having said that, receiving two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the only thing that can compare to receiving one. In 1984, Dolly Parton received her first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2019, she received her second. She is the second woman overall, behind Diana Ross, and the first woman this century to get two Hollywood stars.

#11 She holds two Guinness World Records

Dolly PartonSource: John Shearer

You might be surprised to learn that Dolly Parton holds two Guinness World Records. For most decades with a top-20 hit on the US Hot Country Songs Chart, Parton presently holds the record. In addition, Parton is the female artist with the most hits on the US Hot Country Songs Chart.

#12 She has been inducted into 15 different Halls of Fame

Dolly PartonSource: The Advocate

Dolly Parton's history of induction is merely another indicator of her accomplishment, as many artists spend their entire careers trying to be accepted into just one hall of fame. Dolly Parton had last we checked, been admitted into 15 separate music-related halls of fame. Yet it was notable that The Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, the Happiness Hall of Fame, and the Grammys Hall of Fame have all twice been inducted, Parton.

#13 She’s known best friend Judy Ogle since the third grade

Dolly PartonSource: Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images via Insider

It is less frequent for people to stay best friends with their childhood bestie into adulthood, and even into old age. As strange as it may sound, that is exactly how Dolly Parton and Judy Ogle's friendship has developed. They started school together in third grade and have been fast friends ever since.

Indeed, the couple has been so inseparable and affectionate for so long that many media have believed that they are secretly dating. Parton had to state to the contrary, saying, “I love her as much as I love anybody in the whole world, but we’re not romantically involved.”

#14 She’s Miley Cyrus’ godmother

Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty via Pop Sugar

Even fans of these 2 famous female stars may not know that fact. Not only star with each other in the Disney show Hannah Montana, but Dollys are Miley Cyrus’ godmother in real life. Billy Ray Cyrus and Dolly Parton have been friends for decades due to their mutual love of country music. In a recent interview, Dolly stated, “I’m so proud of her, love her, and she’s just like one of my own.”

Dolly even came out publicly in favor of Miley Cyrus during her post-Disney years, when Cyrus was making headlines for her outrageous costumes and conduct. When asked if she agreed with Cyrus' scandalous new attitude, Parton responded, “I got to do it my way, why shouldn’t she do it her way?”

#15 She’s been married to her husband for 50 years

Dolly PartonSource: 80s Kids

Parton has been married since 1966 when she married construction tycoon Carl Dean. The pair is still madly in love, and they even repeated their vows in 2016. How lovely! 

Source: Twitter

Dean is generally hesitant in public, but in a rare interview, he stated of seeing Dolly for the first time, “My first thought was I’m gonna marry that girl.” Dean's second impression was less big and romantic, but no less sweet:  “My second thought was Lord she’s good lookin’.” he added.
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