30 Funny Before And After Pics That Make You Cuddle While Giggling

Somebody said, “comparison is the thief of joy”. But in this case, it is not. Before & after photos have become a viral trend on the internet lately. If you are a bit behind this and wonder why it is so hot, we love to give you several reasons. Firstly, these photos are hilarious. And who would say no to fun, right?
Secondly, this kind of comparison and transformation triggers curiosity. People often yearn to know if something gets better or worse. Thirdly, many pics recall childhood memories or make viewers feel relatable somehow. Lastly, these uproarious pics can give hints and ideas on using hilarity to solve some problems.
Featured below are the funniest examples of amazing before and after pics posted on social networks. Check them out and enjoy the fun!

#1. "Before and after my dog realizes I’m in the room"

Source: jhaze

#2. He Came Home After A Long Long Playdate

Source: cyna_moon

#3. Mural In Poznan, Poland.

Source: cheekypocketwank

#4. This Is The Same Horse 5 Years Apart. Usually, The Gray Percherons Who Are Born Black, Slowly Turn Gray With Time.

Source: tbhntr

#5. Is this powerwashingp*rn enough?

Source: bert0ld0

#6. 3 Years Have Passed. But, This Is The Same Boot.

Source: vladgrinch

#7. 71 years later. Still has that smile.

Source: ryanmark01

#8. "It's almost a year to the day since my friend brought home a kitten from a rescue center, so she decided to recreate the first picture she took of him."

Source: Parkendlydia

#9. "Me And My Great Uncle Are Reposing After 24 Years."

Source: IdontSparkle

#10. Same dog, just one year apart

Source: vladgrinch

#11. A few years make a big difference...

Source: Princess_34

#12. "I updated one of mom's favorite pictures for Mother's Day (not much has changed in 30 years)"

Source: imgur

#13. "My Sisters and I: Then and Now. Still Screaming For Ice Cream..."

Source: u/timshead

#14. The Food Product May Change But, The Excitement Remains The Same

Source: imgur

#35. "See How Our Dog Behaves When We Say That She Is A Good Girl."

Source: ArkadiusBear

#16. Gotta take the breathing back after the pose!

Source: /r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces

#17. Wow

Source: imgur

#18. Doesn't look like what they advertised

Source: imgur

#19. Always!

Source: imgur

#20. Power of cake

Source: imgur

#21. Yes, but Noooo

Source: imgur

#22. Just a metaphor

Source: imgur

#23. Yo!

Source: imgur

#24. Spot-on!

Source: imgur

#25. "Don’t have anyone to show my DIY kitchen renovation to, so here you go, guys!"

Source: jumbojordie

#26. "Restoration Of My Dream Car."

Source: finallygotmymustang

#27. Beautiful Christmas Tree before and after

Source: M4Strings

#28. What a transformation! ❤

Source: Luciphyr729

#29. Wooden Chair Before And After.

Source: _NITRISS_

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