23 Funny Parenting Tweets That Will Lighten Your Mood Up

Everybody says “Parenting is hard work.” You may have heard about it several times but probably can’t imagine how hard it really is unless you yourself experience it. You will step into another stage of your life right at the moment your child lets out the first cry. The baby is going to be the center and your life is suddenly just about it. Having said that, being a parent is not just about pressures, responsibilities, and difficulties. On the contrary, every parent has a lot of joy and funny moments with their children. Some have shared their stories on Twitter and have received deep sympathy from other parents.
We’ve rounded up 23 hilarious tweets by parents that are guaranteed to lift your mood. Scroll down and have a good laugh!

#1. "I’m raising savages"

Source: sarabellab123

#2. Disturbing voices

Source: mommy_cusses

#3. Were you really wearing socks then?

Source: dad_on_my_feet

#4. And no takesies backsies!!!!

Source: dadmann_walking

#5. Sorry, too expensive

Source: KatieDeal99

#6. Well, better late than never.

Source: dramadelinquent

#7. The worst ways to be woken up

Source: sarabellab123

#8. Still better than silence

Source: mom_ontherocks

#9. So there’s no way to block them on a search.

Source: copymama

#10. Only one good wine?

Source: RodLacroix

#11. First and foremost

Source: saltymamas

#12. If it's silent suddenly - then you really have to walk up there

Source: sarcasticmommy4

#13. "Don't look at me"

Source: dadmann_walking

#14. "Give me some"

Source: RodLacroix

#15. Pity bread

Parenting TweetsSource: Wordesse

#16. So blessed

Parenting TweetsSource: BunAndLeggings

#17. "Do NOT pee on your brother!"

Parenting TweetsSource: sweetmomissa

#18. Savage

Parenting TweetsSource: XplodingUnicorn

#19. All the time

Parenting TweetsSource: mommajessiec

#20. How did you count?

Parenting TweetsSource: Lhlodder

#21. "Don't do that"

Parenting TweetsSource: fowlcomics

#22. Don't you dare

Parenting TweetsSource: looksliketuttut

#23. Or your house

Parenting TweetsSource: copymama

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