20 Hilarious Pics Of Babies Who Look As If They Already Had Enough Of This Life

Do you know what you looked like when you were a newborn? Do you think you had similar traits as yourself at the moment? In most cases, it’s not what you should expect.
A newborn without any teeth and hair may be a far cry from the adorable babies you see in funny cartoons. Many even look like they’re judging people with frowns and disappointing gazes, whereas others seem to be able to give us some words of wisdom at any moment. It’s funny and fascinating to see how these grumpy newborns change into cute toddlers and lovely kids.
Let us introduce to you 20 hilarious pics of babies who give us the impression that they are about to retire in a few days! Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 "Born a Grumpy old Lady"

Source: © Sharonobl / Reddit

#2 “I’m your grandma.”

Source: © arjunas / Reddit

#3 “I gave birth to the most judgmental baby.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © FartyWings / Reddit

#4 "I've been holding on to this for 10 years waiting to find my people!"

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © shmalia / Reddit

#5 “The look my grandpa gives me when I try to explain what a ‘selfie’ is.”

Source: © a_bloody_taco / Reddit

#6 “I think my son is Benjamin Button.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © traceface / Imgur

#7 “Friend of ours had a baby, and he looks like he’s almost ready for retirement.”

Source: © ImLukeSkywalkerImHereToRescueYou / Imgur

#8 “My friend looks like a 40-year-old man in his baby picture.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © hggdsdfr45678765 / Imgur

#9 “My son looks like a 40-year-old man.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © BiggyCheese / Imgur

#10 “Only about 10 hours old and already had enough.”

Source: © dbufour / Reddit

#11 "I looked pretty old as a newborn!"

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © verdearts / Reddit

#12 "Shay Mitchell was born an uncle"

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © iLikeTellingDi***Jokes / Reddit

#13 “Caught my son at his absolute worst. Looks like he’s been working the night shift for 25 years.”

Source: © muzlear / Reddit

#14 “He looks like he pays taxes and is tired of kids on his lawn.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © slimb0 / Reddit

#15 “Grandma has been grandma since birth.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © I_LIVE_ON_THE_SUN / Reddit

#16 “When someone says you look like a 60-year-old baby”

Source: © magnus_uber***m / Reddit

#17 “My wife gave birth to Steve Buscemi.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © ryanpt670 / Reddit

#18 “My friend just had a baby, it looks like a grumpy old man.”

Source: © drenchlove / Reddit

#19 “My son is only 5 days old and already had seen too much.”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © denbusstop / Imgur

#20 “Middle-aged 1-month-old”

Hilarious Pics Of BabiesSource: © TrishyMay / Reddit

What do you think about these hilarious pics of babies? Have you found your baby pictures to see if you belong to the list of old-looking newborns? Let’s share with us in the comment section below and follow us to see more interesting posts!
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