8 Superstars Who Completely Lost The Plot On Live TV

Superstars are always in the audience’s sights. Therefore, every single thing related to them can draw people’s attention. In particular, their behavior and attitude are regularly noticed. And audiences, especially fans, expect celebrities to have good manners. But they are human after all, and it seems difficult for them to keep the proper response in every situation.

More to the point, many famous people never mind showing their dark side in public. Some singers and actors even tend to show what is craziest about them right on-screen and in front of millions and millions of audiences. That way, they can somehow get more attention, but also get backlash. Worse still, their images can be tarnished, or their career may come to an end.

In fact, there are many cases of actors, singers, or models losing the plot and acting like there is no one watching them. From taking off underwear, speaking hollow things, or even cursing and showing anger right on the show, they really tie audiences up into knots. We enlist 8 superstars who had these forgettable moments on the show in this post, scroll down to check them out!

#1 Madonna

Among superstars, Madonna is known for her acting and behavior like no other. When appearing on David Letterman’s talk show on March 31, 1994, the “Material Girl” actually went wild. She used the F word fourteen times. This made the broadcast the most heavily censored in American network television talk show history, while also earning host David Letterman some of his biggest ratings ever.

That was not the end! The singer even removed her underwear and asked David Letterman to sniff that before flatly refusing to leave the stage at the end of her allotted time, which would have been enough to give TV execs heart palpitations. Honestly, we’ve lost a lot of words!

#2 Courtney Love

Superstars Source: Yahoo

Not only Madonna, but David Letterman also dealt with Courtney Love going wild on his show. In order to amuse David Letterman during their interview, Courtney Love chose to stand on his desk and give the grizzled talk show host much more than he had bargained for.

Love’s shirt-lifting antics were also accompanied by a meandering version of Oh Danny Boy performed while intoxicated. Letterman made the remark, “I’m so glad I have a son,” after hearing Love ramble on about drug use, flirting with judges, and flirting.

#3 Drew Barrymore

Superstars Source: Alan Singer/CBS via Getty Images

Drew Barrymore fans actually want to forget her weird moment when she flashed talk show host David Letterman in front of millions of viewers. The former child actor acknowledged that she may have gone a little bit too far when questioned about the incident in 2020 while on a promotional tour for her very own chat show, saying “I think if there’s one thing I’ve learned in a very long life in front of people is there is a line…and [now] I kind of know what that line is.”

#4 Robert Downey Jr

Krishnan Guru-Murthy has caused a stir many times when causing awkwardness for stars. In the interview with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., conducted as part of the marketing for the actor’s 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guru-Murthy attempted to steer the conversation away from his upcoming superhero sequel and into personal matters. Then, the star’s only response was to walk out of the interview.

#5 Quentin Tarantino

Another superstars “victim” of Krishnan Guru-Murthy is Quentin Tarantino. But unlike Robert Downey Jr, the director reignites controversy over his response to Guru-Murthy. Tarantino took tremendous offense when Guru-Murthy questioned whether he thought there was a connection between appreciating violent movies and enjoying violent real-world acts, even going so far as to inform him, “I’m shutting your butt down.”

#6 Cara Delevingne

This list of superstars can’t be capped off without the mention of Cara Delevinge being interviewed by CBS News. The interviewers’ initial implication that Delevingne is not intellectual enough to read a book sets her off, and things only get worse when they comment that she appears fatigued, inquire as to why she appears unhappy, and conclude by saying, “we’ll let you go and get a nap, maybe get a Red Bull.”

#7 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s 2011 interview with ABC News will be remembered for his comments about “winning,” “Adonis DNA,” and “tiger blood.”

A decade later, Sheen voiced remorse over going to the ABC interview in the first place, saying, “People have said to me, ‘Hey, man, that was so cool, that was so fun to watch…My thought behind that is, ‘Oh yeah, great. I’m so glad that I traded early retirement for a fu**ing hashtag.’”

#8 Tom Cruise

Source: Entertainment Weekly

This is the most famous example of a global superstar losing their mind on live television occurred in 2005, when Tom Cruise, superstar of Top Gun and Mission: Impossible, participated in some couch leaping on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

When Oprah questioned Cruise if his current relationship with Katie Holmes was “fun,” the world’s most famous Scientologist proceeded to high-five the famed talk show host, punch the air multiple times, grin like a schoolgirl, and use his interviewee chair as an impromptu trampoline.