25 Eye-catching Items That Make You Admire Designers' Aptitude

Creativity is a critical element that distinguishes humans and other species. We have created numerous abstract concepts, myths, and stuff thanks to our incredible imagination. Things that never appear on Earth before human presence, such as cars, light bulbs, the internet, or smartphones, are evidence of our magical innovativeness.
In the modern age, creative thinking is one of the most desirable skills when companies find employees. Undoubtedly, ingenious people can come up with interesting ideas that draw others’ attention. For instance, a creative sign can catch pedestrians' eyes, while a unique design makes customers easily remember the brand.
You may see great ideas in many things, like a mug or a shopping bag, making you wonder how the designers could be so inventive. However, that's what makes the world funnier and more fascinating.
Let’s check out 25 eye-catching items that you may find hard to ignore if you pass by them!

#1 "Happy Mothers day - Chanel"

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © umbertocsaba / Reddit

#2 "Parts of a road bike."

Source: © isthatmyusername / Reddit

#3 “An anti-pollution sign by a lake in Evergreen”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © lalala850 / Reddit

#4 A natural, walnut-coated coffee table

Source: ©

#5 “AirPods as sheet music”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © Scout-Fox / Reddit

#6 “This regenerative candle creates a new candle as it melts.”

Source: © EightRules / Reddit

#7 “A bag from a shoe shop”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © Drowsy-Dragon-Knight / Reddit

#8 “Ping pong racket mirrors at glasses shop”

Source: © sym3tri / Reddit

#9 “I found this soup bowl-platter combo to be mildly interesting.”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © emaz88 / Reddit

#10 “A Samsung bus stop ad”

Source: © ozorian_d / Reddit

#11 “This marble grain arrangement on the stairs”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © Sapulinjing / Reddit

#12 “This mug keeps warm using a wireless charger!”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © social_industry / Reddit

#13 "Sprouts on my sprouted grain bread"

Source: © kjbpod / Reddit

#14 "Eraser that evolves into a human by erasing its mistakes"

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © BR0NO / Reddit

#15 “This is one solid piece of wood. It’s not a sheet covering a wood clock.”

Source: © thenewyorkgod / Reddit

#16 "This Spanish walkway designed to keep drunk people away"

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © BoymanAndGirldog / Reddit

#17 "Lush's anti-animal testing logo" - Eye-catching item

Eye-catching ItemsSource:

#18 “These pedestrian crossing signs look like pedestrians crossing the street.”

Source: © BigFlavors / Reddit

#19 This creative decoration

Eye-catching ItemsSource: ©

#20 "Advertising wars between Mercedes and BMW at its finest"

Source: © dafyddtomas / Reddit

#21 “Accordion bus”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © JaththeGod / Reddit

#22 "My local butcher"

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © GreekYogurtExplosion / Reddit

#23 "Logo spells out VC while also being a piano!"

Source: © TheRealRhin0/ Reddit

#24 “A cool idea for a motivational gym shirt”

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © GallowB*** / Reddit

#25 "Its 1 piece"

Eye-catching ItemsSource: © 2after20 / Reddit

Which one is the most impressive in your opinion? Do you think those who came up with these ideas are clever and talented? If you spot any other eye-catching items, don't hesitate to share them in the comment below! You can click here to see more interesting posts!
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