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  1. Gwen Stacy will die in Beyond the Spider-Verse.
  2. Prowler Miles turns out to be a good guy.
  3. Mayday Parker will have an important role.
  4. Miles and Miguel will eventually team up.
  5. Jefferson Davis will survive, but Rio Morales won’t.
  6. Hobie Brown is the mastermind.
  7. Another powerful Spider-Man variant will appear.
  8. The Spot will return to his normal life in the end.
  9. Miguel will sacrifice his life for Miles.
  10. Miles with finish The Spot with Spider-Ham's hammer.

10 Wildest Fans’ Prediction About Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse Ending That We Want To Happen

Following a very successful first movie, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse continues to exceed expectations, and is critically acclaimed by both fans and critics. The second movie delves further into the very concept of the Multiverse, and is chock-full of unexpected twists and turns along the way. During the story, Miles Morales gets to reunite with Gwen Stacy, makes some new friends and enemies, but his adventure is far from over. In fact, the ending of Across the Spider-Verse is left at a huge cliffhanger, which sets up perfectly for the third film, Beyond the Spider-Verse, set to release in March 2024.

Needless to say, fans are on the edge of their seats to know how the series of events will unfold in Beyond the Spider-Verse, as there are still so many questions left unanswered in the second movie. And of course, some pretty wild theories have been made by fans across the globe, trying to predict the most unexpected twist possible in the grand finale of the Spider-Verse trilogy. Let’s take a look at these theories right now, some of which might even be ridiculous enough to swipe you off your feet.


#1. Gwen Stacy will die in Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Source: Marvel Comics

One of the most important and shocking theories fans have made is about the heroine’s fate in the next movie. Some even suggested that she might give her life eventually, and it’s not without proof. Remember the scene where Miles and Gwen sit together upside-down on the Williamsburg Bank Tower? When Miles tries to make a move, the Earth-65 Spider-Woman states that in every other universe, Gwen Stacy fell for Spider-Man, and it all didn’t end well for them.

Of course, we all know the prime example of this is how The Amazing Spider-Man’s Gwen Stacy tragically passed away in the second movie, and her comic counterpart also kicks the bucket a couple of times. This, along with Gwen’s line above, greatly foreshadows how she might not survive after the events of Beyond the Spider-Verse.


#2. Prowler Miles turns out to be a good guy.

This is quite a wild guess since we all know how our Earth-1610 Miles got captured at the end by his Earth-42 counterpart. In a world where he doesn’t get bitten by the spider, Miles lost his father, and gradually becomes a vigilante under his uncle's influence.

But think about this, since there’s no Spider-Man in Earth-42, the city of New York has become a chaotic mess run by cartel gangs and criminals. So maybe, this Miles is a good guy at heart, and he steps up as the Prowler to protect the city and free it from the bad guys. The proof? When Miles was attacked by Prowler Miles, his Spider-Sense didn’t activate. Also, seeing two Miles team up to fight against Miguel O’Hara or The Spot would be the ultimate sequence that every fan would want.


#3. Mayday Parker will have an important role.

The appearance of Mayday, Peter B. Parker’s daughter, in Across the Spider-Verse is a pleasant surprise for fans. The child’s presence is rock-solid proof of how the middle-aged Spider-Man has successfully turned his life around after messing it up so badly. At the end of the movie, Mayday follows her dad to join Gwen’s Spider team to go save Miles, so it’d be fitting for her to have a bigger role in Beyond the Spider-Verse. We’d pay to see Mayday showcases her Spider-Power and defeats some bad guys along the way.


#4. Miles and Miguel will eventually team up.

The Spot is not the only adversary that Miles needs to look out for, as Miguel O’Hara and the Spider Society are also on his hunt to stop him from disrupting the canon event. However, while his method is a bit ruthless and extreme, we all know Miguel is a good guy, who also suffered a lot in the past. 

Besides, with The Spot being the most threatening menace, it wouldn’t make sense if the two Wall Crawlers continue their grudge. Miles can’t stop the villain alone, and having Spider-Man 2099 and the whole Spider Society aiding him in battle would be an epic scene to see.


#5. Jefferson Davis will survive, but Rio Morales won’t.

Miles’s number one priority in Beyond the Spider-Verse would be to save his father Jeff Davis, stop The Spot, and prevent the world corrosion from occurring, all at the same time. Seems like a tough task for anyone, let alone a 15-year-old kid.

However, it’s very hard to stop a canon event, as it’s bound to happen at one point. What if Miles can save his father, but it’s Rio who dies instead? We got to see more interactions between Miles and his mom in this second movie, and it would be devastating for the kid if Rio becomes the canon event’s victim.


#6. Hobie Brown is the mastermind.

Hobie, aka Spider-Punk, is unexpectedly the most impactful and well-loved character in Across the Spider-Verse. The rebellious and propaganda-hating Spidey variant plays a huge part in helping Miles and his team: he breaks the barrier for the team to fight The Spot, instructs Miles to escape from Miguel’s bind, and even makes Gwen a brand-new Multiverse watch so she can go save the protagonist.

However, if we think about it clearly, Hobie seems dissatisfied with how Spider-Man 2099 runs the Spider Society as a whole. What if he’s actually trying to sabotage it from the inside, and encouraging others to stand against Miguel’s dictatorship? That way, we’ll have the chance to dive further into Hobie and his past, and it’ll make him an even more complex and crucial character in the whole trilogy.


#7. Another powerful Spider-Man variant will appear.

Source: Marvel Comics

Across the Spider-Verse already introduced to us a barrage of powerful Web-Slingers from different dimensions, such as Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara), Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), or Spider-Punk (Hobie Brown)…However, one powerful Spidey variant is still missing, and it’s Kaine Parker. Kaine is another version of Scarlet Spider, who’s known for his much more brutal combat style and doesn’t hesitate to kill when needed. This asset makes him a formidable version of Spider-Man, who can rival Miguel in terms of combat prowess. 

Another missing Spider-Man in the universe is the Superior Spider-Man, who’s actually Doctor Octavius in Peter Parker’s body. With Otto’s genius mind, he creates an advanced Spidey suit that has mechanical spider-octopi arms, retractable talons, laser beams, and even AI monitor to help the suit operate by itself. This version of Spidey also doesn’t hold back, who can finish off a mortal in one hit.


#8. The Spot will return to his normal life in the end.

From a third-rate villain of the week (according to Miles, at least), The Spot has undergone a drastic development to become the biggest threat in the whole franchise. Determined to seek revenge on Miles for turning his life upside-down, The Spot vows to destroy his universe to make the latter suffer as he did.

We got to feel for the villain a bit, as he was just a scientist who followed orders in the first film, only to have his body disfigured, and his life ruined (which is not Miles’s fault). Even bad guys deserve a happy ending, and knowing Miles’s nature, he’d try his best to give back the normal life that The Spot once had.


#9. Miguel will sacrifice his life for Miles.

With The Spot being the biggest enemy in the franchise, at one point Miles and the Spider Society will have to put their feud aside to fight the bigger challenge. Having Miles and Miguel, two Spider-People with very different powers and beliefs, teaming up would be a perfect and epic scene that everyone wants to see.

Miguel, above all else, fully understands the responsibilities and burdens that the superhero must carry on his shoulder. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if he’d give his life for a greater purpose, saving Miles and other variants in the process. Miguel’s death would also serve as an ultimate redemption for his mistake in the past, and for what he had done with Miles.


#10. Miles with finish The Spot with Spider-Ham's hammer.

At the end of Into the Spider-Verse, the fan-favorite Peter Porker presented Miles his comic hammer as a parting gift, dubbing it “very powerful”. Our protagonist didn’t have the chance to use it in Across the Spider-Verse though, which is a shame, since it would be a minor detail that connects greatly to the prequel, and a proof of their friendship.

Therefore, fans are hoping that Miles will eventually use the hammer in Beyond the Spider-Verse, and there’s no better chance to use it than in the final battle with The Spot. It would be comical if Miles use it to deliver the final blow to the villain and end his threat once and for all.

Which theory above do you think will happen in Beyond the Spider-Verse? What’s your verdict on the movie? Tell us in the comment below.

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