10 Weird And Funny Anime Logic That You Cannot Unsee

Let’s be honest, anime is one of the best things that Japan has brought to the world. Compared to modern cartoons, anime has a unique art style, which enables them to draw cute big round eyes characters that look more appealing to the audience. Along with action-packed fighting scenes, beautiful hand-drawn scenery, and immersive voice-acting, it is not only famous in Japan, but its popularity is now also widely known around the world, attracting millions of fans from different countries.
However, not every anime is perfect. Even as detailed as they are, there is some weird anime logic that even the most experienced otakus cannot explain. Some of them are just honest mistakes, but others are downright ridiculous to the level that they are cursed and hilarious at the same time. Let's look at some bizarre anime fails we have found so far that will surely make you laugh out loud.

#1 The net magically disappears so we can see their faces.

Source: Twitter

#2 When anatomy goes wrong.

Source: © Satelight

#3 I'm not sure these would look cute in real life...

Source: © adorablesssai / Imgrum, © Kyoto Animation, ©

#4 What do they even eat to have legs like these?

Source: Production I.G

#5 Yup, just anime logic.

Source: Pinterest

#6 I'm sure their animators just had a bad day.

Source: Studio Deen

#7 Being this small should be considered illegal...

Source: TMS Entertainment

#8 Layers, please.

Source: MAPPA Studio

#9 Not sure if he's a human or a T-Rex.

Source: © Studio Pierrot

#10 No, I'm not human. How can you tell?

Source: Myanimelist

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