10 TV Couples That Are Massive Walking Red Flags Everybody Ignores

TV series and Movies give us all types of relationships. Some are good and have great chemistry. Some are lessons about respect and support. Sadly, not all onscreen duos can be wholesome. There are a bunch of TV couples that are massive walking red flags people tend to ignore. The best thing these duos can do for each other is break up.
So let’s find out if your favorite duo is among this list of TV couples that are massive walking red flags. Scroll down to read more!

1. Veronica and Archie — Riverdale

TV couples that are massive walking red flagsSource: The CW and co-producers

There is nothing healthy about these two. Archie had a very traumatic past. On top of that, he was harassed by Veronica’s father. Veronica never stopped her father, and she did nothing to help Archie with his traumas. Plus, they rarely discuss their problems, which is a big no-no for every relationship.

2. Finn and Rachel — Glee

TV couples that are massive walking red flags Finn and Rachel — GleeSource: 20th Television and co-producers

The producers might want you to think about them as the endgame couple, but their relationship was a mess. They started sending romantic signals to each other while Finn was already dating another girl. Rachel was no better. She was selfish, and manipulative, and didn’t care about Finn’s feelings. She even gaslighted Finn into thinking it was his fault that she cheated on him with another guy!

3. Meredith and Derek — Grey’s Anatomy

TV couples that are massive walking red flags Meredith and Derek — Grey’s AnatomySource: Buena Vista Television and co-producers

Derek is not boyfriend material. His relationship with Meredith was doomed from the start. He ignored Meredith’s reservations and all of her boundaries. On top of that, he lied to her about being married. Derek even manipulated Meredith into feeling ashamed of herself when she attempted to move on. He was way too obsessive to be a good partner in the long run.

4. Simon and Daphne — Bridgerton

TV couples that are massive walking red flags Simon and Daphne — BridgertonSource: Netflix and co-producers

This duo might be interesting to watch on screen, but they shouldn’t be a role model for anybody in real life. The foundation of their relationship is based on mutual deceit. Simon swore he’d never marry or have kids while Daphne really wanted a family. Daphne was too naive and Simon couldn’t healthily express his emotions. They really shouldn’t end up together.

5. Mr. Rochester and Jane — Jane Eyre

TV couples that are massive walking red flags Mr. Rochester and Jane — Jane EyreSource: Universal Pictures and co-producers

Their relationship is a beloved classic romance for many people, but Mr. Rochester and Jane are far from being a great couple. Rochester lied about his first wife, who was locked up in the attic. Yeah, not a small and trivial thing at all. He exploited Jane’s naivete. His decisions put her life in danger!

6. Rory and Dean — Gilmore Girls

Rory and Dean — Gilmore GirlsSource: Warner Bros. Television Distribution and co-producers

Dean has a lot of red flags. He is over-possessive and gets jealous easily, which is never a good sign. He gets angry every time Rory speaks to other guys. On top of that, Dean broke up with her in public twice, which was embarrassing and heartbreaking for Rory. He could have made it a private conversation between them only, but he chose to hurt her feelings in front of everyone.

7. Carrie and Aidan — Sex and the City

Carrie and Aidan — Sex and the CitySource: HBO and co-producers

It might come as a surprise for many people, but Carrie and Aidan’s relationship does belong to the list of TV couples that are massive walking red flags. They’re better than whatever mess between Carrie and Big is, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some bad signs. Aidan proposed to Carrie after she had clearly explained that she wasn’t going to get married any time soon. Carie cheated on him with Mr. Big. They seriously shouldn’t be together.

8. Fitz and Olivia — Scandal

Fitz and Olivia — Scandal Fitz and Olivia — ScandalSource: ABC and co-producers

Fitz and Olivia have chemistry, but it isn’t enough to cover all the red flags their relationship has. Even if we ignore the infidelity, we can’t brush aside the fact that Fitz is obsessed with Olivia. He was so desperate that he ended up forgiving her for everything she did at the end of the series. An over-dependent partner is never a good sign.

9. Cam and Mitch — Modern Family

Cam and Mitch — Modern FamilySource: 20th Television and co-producers

Cam can easily make fun of Mitch, but he can’t take it when people laugh at him. He is also highly manipulative and can be super dramatic when he doesn’t get what he wants. On top of that, Cam gaslights Mitch into doing what he is against many times in the show.

10. Lucy and Ricky — I Love Lucy

Lucy and Ricky — I Love LucySource: CBS and co-producers

I Love Lucy is a series that romanticize a toxic relationship. The couple might look perfect on the outside, but there are trillion problems with them on the inside. Ricky often criticized Lucy when she didn’t want to spend more time with him. He wanted to monopolize her life. At one point in the show, Lucy thought Ricky might kill her. Yikes!
That concludes our list of TV couples that are massive walking red flags everybody just ignores. Do you agree that these pairs are problematic, or are they just like any ordinary couple out there? Speaking of famous TV duos, here are 20 that have the sweetest slow burn of all time. They have so much chemistry that their first kisses were worth every bit of waiting.
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