10 Times Celebrities Recreated Iconic Moments That Made Fans Feel Nostalgic

Sometimes, celebrities need only an iconic role or a great performance on stage to win people's hearts. And fans will keep talking about those moments, which simply stay in their memories. As a result, when some of these memorable moments are recreated, people feel nothing but nostalgia.
It's safe to say that a whole generation adores Alicia Silverstone in her iconic look from Clueless. Or some of us will be speechless when Gwen Stefani recreated her iconic red carpet look in 1998. These timeless moments are just etched into our memories.
Today, we decided to review 10 times celebrities recreate the adorable moments we grew up with. Scroll down and check them out now!

#1 Drew Barrymore recreated the prom dress she wore multiple times in Never Been Kissed.

Iconic MomentsSource: © drewbarrymore / Instagram

#2 Alicia Silverstone recreated her iconic look in Clueless.

Iconic MomentsSource: © Clueless / Paramount Pictures© aliciasilverstone / Instagram

#3 Christa B. Allen recreated Jennifer Garner’s look from 13 Going on 30.

Iconic MomentsSource: © christaallen / Instagram© 13 Going to 30 / Revolution Studios

#4 Kristen Bell recreated Tom Selleck’s look from Magnum, P.I.

Iconic MomentsSource: © kristenanniebell / Instagram

#5 Reese Witherspoon recreated the look from her iconic scene in Legally Blonde.

Iconic MomentsSource: © Legally Blonde / Marc Platt Productions© reesewitherspoon / Instagram

#6 Fran Drescher recreated the look of her character in The Nanny.

Iconic MomentsSource: © officialfrandrescher / Instagram

#7 Gwen Stefani recreated her memorable red carpet look from 1998.

Iconic MomentsSource: © gwenstefani / Instagram

#8 Jennifer Lopez recreated Madonna’s 1985 look.

Iconic MomentsSource: © jlo / Instagram, Everett Collection / Everett Col/EAST NEWS

#9 Jennifer Aniston recreated Barbara Streisand’s look.

Iconic MomentsSource: © jenniferaniston / Instagram

#10 Rob Lowe recreated his look from Youngblood.

Iconic MomentsSource: © roblowe / Instagram

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