10+ Times Audiences Were Glued To the Screens Just Watching Gorgeous Movie Costumes

Not only actors but also costume designers should be thanked for the great characters we see in Movies. A costume designer is responsible for designing or choosing the clothes and accessories actors wear to portray their characters. Because costumes for characters reflect who they are, designers’ work considers all facets of characters, including their personalities, lifestyles, and cultures. Moreover, they must make sure their chosen costumes suit a production’s overall look.
So, it’s true to say that the work of a costume designer sometimes makes no less impression on us than the acting and costumes got as much attention as the plot, sometimes even more.
Below are 10+ movie costumes that are just as gorgeous as the actresses wearing them.

#1 Catherine Deneuve, Donkey Skin

Source: © Peau d'âne

It’s hard to wear Catherine Deneuve’s costumes due to their heavy. That was why her assistants had to follow the actress everywhere. Moreover, there was a chair put under a puffy dress to avoid damaging the costume when she sat.

#2 Lily James, Cinderella

Source: © Cinderella / Walt Disney Pictures

The Oscar-winning designer Sandy Powell did a great job, creating a blue dress with a dozen layers of the thinnest silk.

#3 Kate Winslet, Titanic

Source: © Titanic / 20th Century Fox

Deborah Lynn spent more than 1,000 hours creating the exquisite red chiffon dress, which helped her win an Oscar. This dress was later sold for $330,000 at a Hollywood auction.

#4 Léa Seydoux, Beauty and the Beast

Source: © La belle et la bête / Eskwad

Viewers can’t take their eyes off Belle’s costumes in the French screen adaptation. The costume designer Pierre-Yves Gayraud revealed that all dresses show the relationship between the heroine and the Beast. The blue dress above is a typical example.

#5 Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

Source: © Pretty Woman

The red dress Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman became iconic. It made remarkable Vivian’s transformation from a woman of easy virtue to a lady from high society. It is a fact that the dress could’ve been black but the designer insisted on choosing the red fabric.

#6 Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare in Love

Source: © Shakespeare in Love

It’s no doubt to say that Gwyneth Paltrow’s outfits were so gorgeous. They were practically the twists in the storyline. Every time she appeared on screen, we wondered what she would wear this time — a light ball gown or a velvet jacket.

#7 Emily Blunt, The Young Victoria

Source: © The Young Victoria

The dress was inspired by Queen Victoria’s wedding dress. Costume designer Sandy Powell used historical items of clothing housed at Kensington Palace for her research to create historically accurate outfits.

#8 Charlize Theron, The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Source: © The Huntsman: Winter's War

Charlize Theron’s outfits were called molten ones because they looked like to be made of liquid gold. All her costumes were quite heavy and uncomfortable.

#9 Minnie Driver, The Phantom of the Opera

Source: © The Phantom of the Opera / Warner Bros.

Viewers couldn’t unnoticed Carlotta’s outstanding costumes. Costume designer Alexandra Byrne visited opera houses in Paris to get inspiration.

#10 Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady

Source: © My Fair Lady / Warner Bros.

Guild President Salvador Perez created exquisite and unique costumes for Audrey Hepburn. The white dress and hat with amazing contrasting accents really impressed viewers.

#11 Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Source: © The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss’s wedding dress impressed viewers. Although the skirt of the dress was made of organza and chiffon looks lush, it was light and mobile.
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